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    RPG Classic Persona 4 Coming to Vita

    I hope there's some sort of special ps vita with this game cause this game is the only reason I'll be buying one.
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    Hasbro Trips Up Nerf Blogger With Dirty Tricks

    I think they want to keep it a secret because if it's leaked then the fakes will come out even before the real thing is released.
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    Rockstar Reveals Max Payne 3 PC Requirements

    Why are people freaking out about the size, I'd bet most pc's have at least 500gb, and hdds will be cheap again next november when production picks up. I prefer higher size for more lovely textures and better prerendered scenes.
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    No Right Answer: Worst Videogame Ending Ever

    And because I played that on PC I still haven't had the chance to play it, fuck you ubisoft.
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    Codemasters Says "Racing is Everything"

    Come on Codemasters just make GRID 2 ffs, enough with the Dirt games.
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    Weeping Infant Killed For Disturbing Dad's Gaming

    Actually it will be, wood, metal, and oil to name a few that will cease to exist given time due to overpopulation. You might not like that fact, and a lot of people don't, but it happens to be true. Mostly your just looking for ways to justify me being wrong, and I understand why, what I'm...
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    Weeping Infant Killed For Disturbing Dad's Gaming

    That's where we differ, I really doubt that resources will be used up till it's gone because before something is fully gone it will be to expensive to be used in the first place for most people, it's not like say oil stays at $5 per gallon till suddenly it's gone, what would happen is prices...
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    Weeping Infant Killed For Disturbing Dad's Gaming

    If we don't want to think about the morality of it, it's a better policy to kill of the old people then killing of the young people and destroy our environment to get all the resources. Anyway I don't really buy that we're running out of resources, oil (and other vital resources) prices are...
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    Weeping Infant Killed For Disturbing Dad's Gaming

    I know this is off topic, but people like you who wants that kinds of laws should really do some reading about population and productivity. I agree that overpopulation is a problem if productivity of the people is not increased, through technology or education, but your idea of decreasing the...
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    Toronto Duo Aims For Gaming Marathon World Record

    I thought 120 hours were the standard amount of time korean gamers play.
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    Watch Persona 4: The Golden In Action

    I'm throwing money at my monitor but nothing's happening. This game just can't come sooner.
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    Electronic Arts Announces New SimCity

    I know that $60 is an inflated price for pc game (which should be $50 btw) but how can you say that a genre of game should be lesser than another game, it's like saying RPG gives me more playtime than fps so it should be quarter the price, or like jprg is full of cutscenes so it should be like...
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    PS Vita Impressions

    The second it's available for preorder I'll buy it and a vita
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    Damn is ME3 already out? I still haven't finished my hardest difficulty ME2 playthrough (from 2 years ago) yet.
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    Penny Arcade Teams Up With The ESRB

    I'm kinda confused about what you actually want the ERSB do? They're not censoring anybody, they're just doing their job, rating games based the criteria they have (disregarding ratings that would be influenced by their own ideals) and the shops just sell what they want (which is usually not AO...