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    Niantic Has Removed All Legendary Pokemon from Pokemon GO Accounts for "Fairness"

    Taking away legendaries without recompense is a bad play. A strong middle ground action could have been to refund said players a package of xp, ultra balls, evolution candies, etc. and delete the legendary pokemon from their accounts. Wouldn't have been great for everyone but at least those few...
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    Video Shows Steve Jobs Demoing the First Mac Way Back In 1984

    It is unreal seeing people call 800kb disks that fit in a shirt pocket revolutionary. Hearing and joking about times long past is one thing, seeing it is something else entirely.
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    Dying Light Offers Playable Zombies as Preorder Exclusive

    Locking one of two groups for your only versus multiplayer mode to being an exclusive rather than free dlc with preorder sounds a little extreme.
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    EA Plans Free-To-Play For Every Major Franchise

    Do the people at EA not discuss their plans with each other? The humble bundle and return policy were smooth moves. But now their games are free to play? Why would you need a return policy on a free to play game? EA =/
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    Guacamelee!: Gold Edition Rooster-Punches Onto Steam Next Week

    Not the be that annoying guy but: I don't usually mind the grammar and spelling mistakes made in these articles (hell I'm not that good with grammar rules myself) but isn't misspelling the name of the game you are talking about a bit much? (Especially in the title O.o)?
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    Man "too fat" to be allowed to live in New Zealand

    Jumping into the secondary public healthcare debate going on here: I was working in a hospital in a top hospital in Shanghai for a summer and they do a great job with what they've got to supply public healthcare, problem is it still sucks. The measures put in place to supply public healthcare to...
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    OUYA Review - More Whimper Than Bang

    This, I don't have an OUYA but the reviews complaints about the game seemed mostly pointless. Using an ethernet cable and having the minor inconvenience of signing up for an account and having to put in your credit card info isn't something that would damn a console. If this was the PS4 or...
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    Poll: Could I get a little help?

    I've heard soul calibur 5 wasn't as great as people hoped for. Catherine on the other hand (as someone said above) is both good and different from the usual.
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    Accpet Steam's New EULA or Say Goodbye To Your Steam Account UPDATED

    No he can sue, it is just against the terms of service. If he found a reason to sue steam he could do it but he would lose his account.
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    Guns : A simple solution

    First, what % of gun related deaths are suicides and accidents (people being idiots about gun safety, children accidentally firing a gun). Second why does 60% of murders being gun related make it any worse than 40% of deaths being gun related? Less % of deaths being gun related isn't...
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    Guns : A simple solution

    (I'm anti-gun control) When you look through these gun control threads you see that the people anti gun control will cite all kinds of facts and then of course also argue about self defense. When you see pro gun control posts the vast majority of them say "GET RID OF GUNS CUZ GUNS CAUSE...
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    White People are... Better?

    White nations were pretty lacking in technology but because the much more advanced China had isolationist policies they never felt the influence of China's power. As previous people said the Arab countries were also much farther ahead of the white nations, but Genghis came and conquered them...
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    How would a younger "you" view your current self?

    Young me would wonder why I think I'm pathetic, but he will get here one day and realize. /Depressed
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    Are there any TRUE spy games?

    Besides a huge portion of intel being gathered through hacking and drones and networks of people who sit around instead of one guy who works his way from point A to point B your game sounds like more social interaction sim. Sneaking around via a secret identity sounds like you want a game where...
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    Gearbox Wonders Why People Aren't Ripping Off Borderlands

    Isn't he totally wrong? I've played a lot of firefall and that game feels like it is using the borderlands style.