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    This May Be the Best Metallica Video of All Time

    Oh lord, it's like Songsmith all over again. Seriously, though, this took a bit more effort. *applause*
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    Dear Microsoft, can you please stop counting your money for a second

    I guess what will be the prime motivator at this point is probably whether they plan to sell a specific game online. I'd like to see more backwards compatibility, but with brick-and-mortar pulling original xbox games to an extent it becomes less and less likely. Look at it this way, though...
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    Music and intelligence

    ME AM SMAWT AND LISTEN 2 METALS Actually, self-deprecation aside, while I'm no Rhodes Scholar I do both like metal and do decently well at a hard engineering school. I also listen to everything bar club music and current gen hip-hop, though. I've seen this conjecture before; proof or no...
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    You are given the choice of having one super power, but there's a catch...

    The ability to float on water and support any weight doing so, but only while wearing pink water wings. Possibly the ability to shapeshift, but only into a trucker named Melvin or 85 year old woman named Doreen.
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    Your FIRST playthrough of Mass Effect 1

    I was Paragon all the way, baby. I used a FemShep with a lightly scarred face and classed as infiltrator. (because popping watermelons heads never gets old) I also saved Wrex, the Rachni queen, and got Saren to honor-kill himself, while romancing Kaiden and leaving Ash to die (IIRC). My 2nd...
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    Tabletop Roleplaying Design Help Needed!

    Dice pools, simply put, are when you take your skill at something+ your stat at something+whatever modifiers are in place and = a given number of dice to roll. Then you have 'successes', which are 5/6 on d6 in Shadowrun, 8/9/10 on d10 in Vampire, Mage, etc., and 7/8/9/10 on d10s in Exalted...
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    Tabletop Roleplaying Design Help Needed!

    Shadowrun 4th uses initiative order (aka a turn sequence) but does allow for simultaneous actions for people with the same initiative. It's also relatively deep in terms of implementing weapon range penalties, wound penalties, movement and recoil effects, and other things without going to the...
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    Great Bands Not Many People Have Heard Of

    Yep. It's been a while since I've listened to Trilogy or Works Live though, which are the albums I'm most familiar with apart from that Greatest Hits floating around here somewhere. I'm also rather fond of the Moody Blues.
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    Great Bands Not Many People Have Heard Of

    My contribution to this thread is a Scottish band mostly known within Scotland for helping to revitalize folk in the 70's, though they experimented with electronic instrumentation and occasional prog-rock elements: Silly Wizard. Most of their stuff is hard to come by these days. The Queen of...
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    Ohgren Available In Dragon Age: Awakening

    I didn't like Oghren that much the first time around, but when playing as an asshole I kept him around because he wouldn't complain about anything unless it was NOT PICKING A FIGHT. The more I kept him around, the more awesome he became. If you don't pay attention to the background...
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    Necro...errr Retro Gaming

    Commander Keen ftw. I also need to play The Neverhood and FF6 again. I was a PC gamer back in the day, so back at my house there's a whole pile of ancient Sierra and EA games I need to Dosbox and play again. As I recall, Red Baron, Aces over Europe and Aegis, Guardian of the Fleet were all boss.
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    Canadian Sex Ed Game is Weird but Informative

    How did this thread go 6 pages without mentioning Sean Connery's awful movie Zardoz? "Do not ... ingest." >_O See if this were just on the internet, I could cope with its existence better. It's when these uppity bits of crazy find their way off the internet that we have a problem. Also what.
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    *** Aussies and Kiwis in Video Games ***

    Didn't anyone play Knights of the Old Republic II? Most of the Mandalorians on Dxun were Kiwi. Now the reason for that, obviously, was Temuera Morrison's portrayal of Jango Fett; but that's also something that spilled over into Star Wars: Republic Commando. Seriously, that game had a whole...
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    The Wrong 360 owner

    I'm not a rabid Halo fan, but I enjoy the other series on the system more. Stick with it, figure out what you really do like, and play that. You're not starved for choices, really, as long as you're not fully obsessed with playing exclusives. Stranglehold is a damn entertaining game...
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    PS3 or not to PS3? Why or why not to buy one.

    OP did not actually state whether he had a 360 or other console yet. If he does, then I'd recommend picking up a PS3. If not, I don't know how well I'd recommend a PS3 as a first console/replacement for the previous generation. Current generation, I prefer what you can lay your hands on for...