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    Scientists Predict That One in Every Five Stars Has a "Habitable" Planet

    The possibilities for intelligent life is quite exciting. Just think, a few years back we didn't even know for sure if there were any exoplanets. I hope we do discover alien life, and then have this conversation: Us: So do you guys know about Earth? Aliens: Yeah man, we've known about you...
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    Fellow men of the Escapist: How much facial hair do you keep on?

    I have a mustache and full beard, maybe a fist and quarter long. It points away from my chin Leonidas style. Thinking bout doing a Viking'esque braid.
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    The Big Picture: Baggage

    Thank you for an excellent episode Mr. Chipman! Insightful stuff like this is why you are my favorite movie critic. I think Bob made an excellent argument about the myth of perfect objectivity. It baffles me this idea does not regularly come up in similar disciplines, like say news...
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    Ageing and Gaming

    First post ever! So I turned 30 a while ago and though I feel like I've gotten better in my life, I'm much different than I was as teenager, at 20, or even just a few years ago. My question to you is how do you feel about ageing? Has it changed your taste in games, music, or movies? Do...