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    Poll: Worst Major Mainstream Actor:-

    How is Nicolas Cage not in the poll?
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    Poll: Are gamers today too self entitiled?

    You seem to have missed the part where I said that I wasn't saying that developers shouldn't have creative freedom. My point was that if they want to continue making money, then they need to stop acting like they own the consumers. Lately I've been noticing that a lot of companies seem to have...
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    Poll: Are gamers today too self entitiled?

    I disagree completely. Who gives them the money so that they can go on to make games? The consumers do. Without us there isn't even a Bioware in the first place. Gamers are in a way the developers bosses. If they do a good job we pay them well for it. If they don't then they lose money. If they...
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    Poll: Are gamers today too self entitiled?

    Honestly I'd say it's the game developers that are acting entitled to their fans. When game developers start taking their fans for granted and take on a "We can do whetever we want with our games, just give us your money dammit" attitude, that's when the fans are going to to start acting up...
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    Cop Tasers Fleeing Handcuffed Girl, Head injuries put her in vegetative state

    It isn't a police officers job to catch people that are running? Police have been catching criminals for decades without tasers, and people respected them for it. Once tasers became part of their armament, so many of them have just become fat, lazy slobs who rely on it for every single thing...
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    Buying my first gun.

    Americans are a race now? When did that happen? Also it seems that the definition of racist has broadened a fair bit.
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    Buying my first gun.

    Don't forget paintball guns! One of the best purchases I've ever made, and it's something I can actually use. Other than that, I agree completely. I don't see why anyone outside of law enforcement or the military needs to own a gun. Unless they are legitimately hunting for food or carrying...
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    It's not a sport if you can't play it

    I think that depends on the divide between team sports, which are more like games where a group of people work together to beat a different group of people. Or individual spots, which are more like events. Competitions to see who can do a certain action better than everybody else. The two...
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    Naming a Puppy, need some help. EDIT: Pics Added.

    Definitely Chowser. The Bowser of puppydom.
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    Poll: Using exploits in games, Cheating?

    It isn't cheating exactly. But definitely poor sportsmanship.
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    Poll: Is the encouragement of Feminism/Women's Rights, a form of Cultural Imperialism?

    No it isn't. They can do whatever they want within their culture, but when they travel to countries of a different culture they should be expected to abide by that countries laws and norms. If they don't like it then they can go back.
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    Call of Duty map survey - Please Help

    I guess I should have posted my faves: Terminal, Afghan, Firing Range. Simple, but so much fun.
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    Call of Duty map survey - Please Help

    I know! How hard is it to write down three words? I've had 80 views, but only three people have actually written anything. I'm surprised by how hard this is failing. Thanks for contributing!
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    Call of Duty map survey - Please Help

    I'm just trying to dig up some information to help me see just what exactly makes a good Call of Duty map. So I ask you, including all maps from Modern Warfare 1,2,3, World At War, and Black Ops, what are your 3 favorite? I'll make a list of all the maps below. Please Choose 3: Modern...
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    Modern Warfare 3 - Opinion and Fixes

    I only just noticed this after unlocking the Focus proficiency for my SCAR. I thought,"This might have been useful in Black Ops, where it was actually possible to survive a hit". Instead every gun is a one to three hit kill. I'd say two bullets more to kill across the board, other than snipers...