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    Zero Punctuation: Hitman: Absolution

    When he talked about running through the level "smacking your bum" to find where everything is, I was thinking it might help to have an option to do reconnaissance "the day before" or something, then have Hitman show the player points of interest e.g. "That pipe drops pianos every now and again...
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    Traditional Adventure Games Are Rubbish

    I would love to see a ZP or EP on Resonance. It's short, but the plot, characters, and puzzles were good. It does suffer from the same linear story problem as Heavy Rain, though. You can only really play it once. I think it does have some issues with "fetch these objects before the next plot...
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    Stonking Great Game Contest Now Live!

    And now it occurs to me that this may not be the proper "forum" (haha) for this specific kind of advice, so if you have any to offer on testing flash games, please send me a private message. I will use my Google-fu to look for this information on my own.
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    Stonking Great Game Contest Now Live!

    This is helpful info, thanks!
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    Stonking Great Game Contest Now Live!

    I might be making an assumption and taking the statement too literally, but it was enough of a possibility to ask for clarification. I don't think the Escapist is out to get me, but I don't want to screw myself either. I actually was thinking about using a different "skin" for testing, then...
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    Stonking Great Game Contest Now Live!

    Hey all, I was skimming through the thread, and I didn't see this addressed. This is the part of the rules I want to ask about: I was thinking of having some friends test a game out before I submit it, but this part of the rules implies I can't do that. Thoughts?