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    Australian Parliament Subpoenas Microsoft, Apple on Price Hikes

    I'm glad that it appears that something is being done but am a little surprised not to see EB games (maybe JB Hifi and a few other retailers) who not only charge $90+ (that's for PC games, console games start at $100 usually) for each game but force the publishers to keep that insane price with...
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    Battlefield 1942 Goes Free

    So lets see, you require origin, you cant play with those who have boxed versions and you don't get the expansions, sorry but no.
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    Piloting Military Drones Is Not Like Playing a Videogame

    This very clearly isn't aimed at gamers but the people who hate video games and will do anything to stop the evil that is video games. I don't know about any of you, but its difficult to tell the difference between KOTOR and a military drone.
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    Assassin's Creed III Dev Says Easy Mode Ruins Games

    It really is amazing, the challenge in assassins creed is almost non-existent, except for the really cheap enemies in the last one where you either need to schedule an appointment to kill them with your sword or shoot them in the face.
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    Real-life Hover Vehicle Flies 15 Feet High

    I haven't seen anything about the flight time, if it has a decent amount of time it can remain airborne, it could really be useful in cities. put it on the market, remove the limitations and I would buy one in a heart beat.
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    So Japan built a real life mech...

    so, anyone else notice her grinning like an idiot on the phone? leave the safety off and watch the hilarity... I would love to ditch my car for this thing, I don't care if it would take me 6 times longer to get home from uni, it would be worth it.
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    Do you remember the time that the CG cutscenes was the real reward for playing the whole game?

    I remember, I bought FF13 on launch and that was the best part of the game up to the point the discs became Frisbee's. But yeah, I do recall very early 3D being that sort of "cutscenes are a reward" deal which doesn't work very well as a design concept anymore and thank christ.
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    Phantasy Star Online 2 Hacked for Being Japan-Only

    this is so painful to see, hacking them because localization and testing takes time and money from a company which isn't doing too well.
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    Rumor: Sony Started PS4 Development in 2010

    pfft, silly R&D guy, everyone knows that the order that they make consoles are as follows: -you announce the console at approximately the same time as your "rival" -you slap the console together before the release date -you sell the console I mean, its sheer lunacy to suggest that...
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    The Big Picture: Tropes vs. MovieBob

    This is a huge area that really does need to be explored and examined, but it worries me if she overlooks certain areas such as the origin. many of these stereotypes come from Japan, not just America and its all seen a little differently depending on the origin. If she covers all the bases and...
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    super awesome game giveaways

    If anyone has a bastion key, i dont have the console that i bought it on and would like to be able to finish it on pc, thanks.
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    Nintendo Admits Xbox Live and PSN Are Too Far Ahead

    Well this is what happens when your console aims for the larger chunk of the population that doesn't really play games instead of the people who you aimed at for all those formative years, they move away, play different games and on different consoles and generally ignore your console because...
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    Jimquisition: The Best Looking Game of This Generation

    amazing, you managed to discuss a topic which has been discussed at extraordinary length in the games industry from many perspectives and do it completely sub-par when compared to any talk. I could take viva pinata, change the textures and shaders so it is rendered entirely in greyscale and...
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    Feed Dump: Facebook Girlfriend

    all day, the whole day, I've had that song in my head (thanks robot unicorn attacks evolution) and i come home, completely forget about it and...god damn it!
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    Poll: If you could pay more for games, would you?

    what? no, that's ridiculous, I already pay $100-110 for a standard game without the extras so why would I add to that?. On the other hand, in a free to play game i would buy something small if i was enjoying myself and think the games worth it.