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    Angry Birds Fly Into Space

    Will definitely download this title, and I'm surprised to find that I'm actually somewhat excited for it, especially if it were 2 months ago, you wouldn't catch me dead playing the game. . . but then I got a Samsung Galaxy, and I got a taste of the game myself, very fun game, but FULL of...
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    Megaupload data to be deleted starting thursday

    This is very very sad to hear :'( I'm about to cry, really.
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    Escape to the Movies: Red Tails

    The trailer for this movie blasted its way into my eardrums a few hundred times, showing explosions and playing obnoxiously horrible dubstep, so I was compelled to despise this movie from the get-go. Glad it was just their marketing department mucking it up, I plan on seeing this movie now.
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    Rumor: The iPad 3 Cometh

    Are people legitimately excited for this? I really really hope not, it just doesn't make sense.
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    Poll: IPhone VS Android

    Used to have an iPod Touch, I hacked it, squeezed all its usefulness out of it over the span of a year, sold it, got a Creative ZEN, which lacked tons and tons of features, but way over all far superior to the iPod. Just last month I got a Samsung Galaxy 5 Player, which runs on Android, and...
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    Favourite Comedian Escapists?

    For the longest time, it was Patton Oswalt, I fucking love that guy, he is right up my alley humour-wise. But just the other day, I watched Louis C.K.'s "Hilarious" special, and it was. . . it was too funny, it's illegal how funny it was. A lot of people say "rofl" and don't really rofl, but I...
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    Anyone looking forward to Far Cry 3?

    Despite the fact that the first two Far Cry games really disappointed me, I am, in fact, looking forward to Far Cry 3. I'm thinking (hoping) they learned from the success of the first game and the failures of the second to make something really special. I mean, really, the second game was an...
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    Mass Effect 3 PC will require Orgin

    So, I kinda really dislike Origin, and am a huge fan of STEAM, but you are aware that STEAM does the exact same thing? They analyze your computer's components, hardware- and software-wise, yet we don't scrutinize them for it because they've been doing it since day one, and thus no one has really...
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    Can You Say Something Nice About The New Format?

    No one is ever fond of new layouts EVER That being said, I really really dig it, just takes, what, 10 minutes getting used to?
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    ET broke the universe

    @people thinking he's reading way into it: this is serious shit. E.T., Indiana Jones and Star Wars SHARE the same lore?!? An astounding discovery, worthy of discussion. And you know, this reminds me; I've always considered Counter-Strike, Half-Life (Portal), Team Fortress and Day of Defeat to...
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    Poll: Trolling?

    loll trollng is so fckin gaauy, i h8 trols their all stupid fags, neckbeard virgens lol i mean im a virgenn but at least i aint gay,haha. and their live in moms basement and no gf its like lol go get a job feg fuckion trolls XDDD lolsrsmode: "Trolling" nowadays, is literally when you disagree...
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    Are you an Achievement Whore?

    I go out of my way for specific platinums. At the moment, I have my eyes on the entire God of War series, entire Uncharted series and entire Sly series. Already have one platinum in each, they're not too hard. Otherwise, no; generally, I ignore them if the platinum is too hard.
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    Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter threaten to go offline over SOPA.

    A day won't do it Needs to be a week THAT will turn some heads
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    What is your favourite game genre?

    Third person games. Doesn't really matter the genre, although a straight up platformer is my favorite, like Jak and Daxter, or Tomb Raider. Skyrim, Hitman, Sly, Uncharted. . . also great third person games.
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    Highest killstreak in a multiplayer shooter

    Something like 120 in TF2, back in it's hay-day (and mine). I used to play the game religiously, but now. . . well, let's just say it's uninstalled and I now have Skyrim on STEAM for free.