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    Deus Ex : Still Not Killing People?

    I tried to not kill anyone but I kept running out of ammo for the non-lethal weapons and I don't have the patience to try and sneak past/take down everybody. I'm on 'Give me Deus Ex' and I'm not finding anything too hard, but I like the difficultly as it forces me to fight smart. But the first...
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    Reccomend me an awful game

    Clock Tower 2 The Struggle Within for the Playstation. My god that game was painful to play. Convoluted plot, sticky, slow controls and the amazing accomplishment of making zombies dull and a pain in the ass to kill. Not to mention stupid-ass endings...
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    What in your opinion is the most deppresing song you have ever heard?

    The Sire of Sorrow by Joni Mitchell. Brilliant (if not incredibly depressing) lyrics. Also Skinny Love by Bon Iver.
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    Poll: What hurts more: kicked in the balls or giving birth?

    I'd have to say childbirth but a woman can't be kicked in the childbirth.
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    Supreme Court Case Transcripts Now Online

    Most of these games aren't even sold commercially, not the explicit ones anyway. They have to be bought or downloaded online. I recall RapeLay being available on Amazon for a short period of time before being revoked for obvious reasons. Illusion has a rather large backlog of 'eroge' games...
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    One sentence in your language

    Who stole my red car
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    Your most hated anime cliche

    The majority of these clichés surround the more well known animé, e.g Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, DBZ etc - shows which have decreased in quality in a bid to keep pumping out new episodes. I'd like to see some examples of clichés worming their way into respected shows known for their reluctance...
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    Your most hated anime cliche

    1. Over-used character archetypes. When your characters can be summed up in one word, you've done something wrong. Moe. These kinda characters piss me off to no end. Round-faced, air-headed, 'adorable' catchphrases like: 'nyu', 'ugu' or the accursed 'desu'. Irritating and lifeless...
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    "Holy [email protected]&%, did I just do that?"

    Came up against Chitose, a boss ghost in Fatal Frame 2 (Or Project Zero for us British), a harmless looking little girl,(still wants to kill you though). One of her tactics will be to just stand there and cry, not to be fooled by crying little girls I stayed away, but I was curious as to what...
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    your avatar as a weapon

    I get Psyduck! He looks pretty mad so I'm hoping he can fight.
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    Topical Tuesday: In-Game Death

    My best kill would be from WoW, I was a mage in Arathi Basin and I was up on the Lumber Mill on a cliff. I was fighting a hunter, another mage and a priest healing them. When I was almost dead I blinked up to them and used Blast Wave. It sent all three of them flying to their deaths. My most...
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    The Odd Clothes You Wear

    *Wizard Fist-bump*
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    Poll: What sequel are you looking forward to most?

    Dead Rising 2, mainly cos I want some crazy co-op zombie slaying! Marvel vs Capcom 3 because I want to play as a self aware superhero a tiny action star and a wolf! And AC:Brotherhood because damn! I wanna be a killer jester!
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    The Odd Clothes You Wear

    Best I have is like a wizard's outfit, I sport a hat, a very elaborate long coat and some dress shoes. I don't wear it normally mind, I'll wear it to a party or something.
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    Everyone talks about them as if there's no other way to play retro style or fighting games. This always confused me as I use the analogue stick for SSF4(360) and have no troubles.