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    The Crownless King-to-Be of Late Night TV

    I would have preferred Craig Ferguson to take over and get the better timeslot he deserves, but you're right, the only reason he's so entertaining is because he has a small audience and he knows it (and constantly points it out in his show). The crap he does on that show won't fly on a better...
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    Legend of Korra season finale

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    Poll: Assassin's Creed Advice

    Well I would recommend Revelations solely because of the hookblade..that thing was fun to run around with. Also the story wasn't that bad, there's a reason why it's called reveals some of the plot points in the other series. I'd say get it if you enjoyed the others.
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    The reason why open world gaming sucks.

    Because time limits are annoying as hell. I remember playing Dead Rising 2 for the first time and screwing around a lot...until I realised there was a timer on the quest and the game GAME OVER-ed me. Reloading my last save I only had just enough time to rush to complete it...which resulted in me...
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    The most beatiful game character

    Always found Lightning to be attractive, but the game never appealed to me.
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    Tomorrow I'm gonna do something stupid and pointless with little chance of success.

    Bravo, good sir. For doing something most people have no courage to attempt, and for setting an example. A toast! For our man Strain42!
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    At what point is a Franchise Whoring Out?

    Should have clarified heh. I named Halo 'cause didn't they say Halo: Reach would be the last Halo game? Well yeah..Halo 4 definitely classifies under whoring out.
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    Versus game

    Myspace. Colour or color?
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    Man, you guys are GENIUSES!

    I would say....Assassin's Creed. The first time I played the game it was on a whim, and I was completely hooked on the game's concept, story and gameplay. Here was a game with a very unique premise, set in a rarely seen time period and even though missions were repetitive, the story and gameplay...
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    At what point is a Franchise Whoring Out?

    When the games have yearly releases with little to no changes in gameplay/story. Sonic, mario and Modern Warfare come to mind. Also Halo.
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    The New Shiny Escapist

    I raike. The current one is too...bright. Ignoring the boxes and feeds, that colour scheme you edited is much better.
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    The New Shiny Escapist

    First thought: AHHHHHH FLASHBANG!!! Second thought: Good god. What's with the boxes and feeds? Third thought: Why is everything loading so slowly?
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    McDonald's Incident (follow-follow up)

    Putting aside his sane-ness, I'm quite glad he didn't face any charges, honestly. It wasn't his fault the whole incident started and he only reacted to the situation. Now he didn't react very favourably, but then again when we get mad we lose our common sense. In his case he just relapsed back...
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    Why Keep Your Wallet In Your Back Pocket?

    Yeah...never understood this either. Tried putting it in my back pocket before but damn is it uncomfortable. I'm used to putting it in my right pocket. Plus it balances out my phone in my left pocket. Also, is it really that hard to find keys in your pocket? I usually put extra stuff in the...
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    Sooo batman ...

    Because...he's Batman. Seriously though, it's mainly because he's a normal human being, but can fight on par with superheroes/villains. That seriously adds points to the respect bar. Compare him with Iron Man, for example. Take away his suit of armour and he's practically helpless. Take away...