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    Platinum Games Says it is "Constantly Talking" About Bayonetta 3

    This time, please make sure to exclude the obligatory annoying kid.
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    Sniper Elite 4 Will Let You Kill Hitler Again in Its Pre-Order Mission

    Sorry, but once Hitman let me kill Gary Busey, I couldn't go back to Hitler. You have to understand my position here.
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    New Overwatch Patch Gives Ana a Buff While Tweaking McCree Yet Again

    The trick to Junkrat seems to be anticipating where it would be most beneficial to trap you and then circumventing it. He's really good at denying you access/escape from an area, but the flip side of that strength is that he can really only deny you from one area. At least that's been my...
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    The whole holding-a-door-thing

    My system is foolproof. I open it for myself, then while standing in the threshold I will keep it open for anyone who may be coming through by reaching back.
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    A question to the Veteran Fighting Games Players after I saw Dizzy's Instant Kill.

    There are more unbearable losses. For instance, this match where Smug turns his opponent into a human DDR machine (1:43) [youtube=vQAGlBdnpVA?t=1m43s
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    Nintendo Indefatigable Supermen

    As a member of the Multi-Platform Monarchy and rightful rulers of the realm, I speak verily when I say to enjoy your video games and play the systems with the most games that will entertain you. You owe your allegiance to no one.
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    Im confused about the new God of War?

    It's a continuation of Kratos as the lead character, but the gameplay and perspective seem to have switched. Hopefully the combat will get faster as we get closer to the release date.
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    Konami's Pachinko Hate: Why?

    This. After all the transgressions they've committed against people who enjoyed their games for years, including screwing over one of the most innovative minds in the industry, what happens? Do they default like many wish they would -- a sweet resolution to a bumpy history? Nope! They come...
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    Lovecraft, where to start

    At The Mountains of Madness and The Shadow Over Innsmouth are both really good jumping off points.
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    The most Obnoxious DVD/CD/Blu-Ray boxes you own

    That's the thing, because it's such a massive collection I can't really blame them. That's compounded by the fact that they're DVDs they can't hold nearly as much space. I'm going to be floored with how big the JoJo boxed series is in the event they animate all the way to Steel Ball Run and...
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    The most Obnoxious DVD/CD/Blu-Ray boxes you own

    I have one of those old boxed sets of Neon Genesis Evangelion that takes up like 1/4th of my total shelf. You don't get the sense of the enormity of it here but it's pretty damn gargantuan. Combined with the Platinum collection it's like the big wall of weeaboo.
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    This Guy is the BEST Game Analyst No One's heard of

    He's not bad, but I'm more of a Super Bunnyhop man myself. MatthewMatosis [] is also really good, but rarely ever uploads. He has also has a SIX HOUR Dark Souls analysis video so I guess that's fair enough. There's also a guy named Derek...
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    Dawn of War III Announced in New Trailer

    Those will probably be revealed later on down the line. As for the Space Commies Tau I'm doubtful they'll get any game time short of an expansion pack/DLC.
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    New Overwatch Beta Patch Brings New Tracer Pose, Accidental Invisibility

    As long as there's some booty in there, I'm all good. I love me the booty.
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    What's the most okay game you've ever played?

    Currently it's The Division. It's not bad it's just... eh. It kind of feels like Ubisoft decided to make an early access title. Also this: