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    Bobular's top 5 most disapointing anime

    Hey it was a few years ago now, it's just sufficiently weeberiffic for this conversation
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    Bobular's top 5 most disapointing anime

    I am a man! I only watch manly men doing manly things! *watches Haruhi Suzumiya*
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    Bobular's top 5 most disapointing anime

    The weebiest thing I think I watched all the way through was Bodacious Space Pirates. I heard the premise and thought it sounded cool but it really wasn't. It was just boring. EDIT: Or maybe Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid is weebier, I quite liked that show.
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    Archiving The Wild West

    Wild West isn't worth archiving, it was absolute trash and not in a good way
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    Hot-take time: Fantasy is a dull genre

    Berserk is the only good fantasy story, you cannot debate me on this because you know I'm right. Thank you and good night.
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    Your opinion: What kind of solid opinions can you make without playing the game?

    Technical stuff, you don't need to play a game to know how buggy it is or if it has frame rate issues
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    Has public opinion on Batman The Brave and The Bold changed also whats your thoughts on said series

    The few bits I've seen I found really entertaining. It's not Batman TAS but it's not trying to be.
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    Best of British Comedy

    You're honestly missing out if you don't include shows from the 90s. Shows like Father Ted, I'm Alan Partridge, Absolutely Fabulous and Brass Eye are must watches, just to name a few.
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    Jim Sterling gives Mario Odyssey 7/10

    It's a big release Nintendo game, anything less than a 9 would be seen as an outrage by these people. People kicked off when GameSpot gave Twilight Princess an 8.8, it's insanity
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    Jim Sterling gives Mario Odyssey 7/10

    But who would tell lies on the internet?!
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    First Person Melee Combat: Can it be done well?

    Go play Shadow Warrior, the katana is the best part
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    People really like Thor Ragnarok

    Pretty much my opinion, enjoyed the first one a lot, thought Dark World was atrocious
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    Lost interest in all hobbies and entertainment.

    It sounds a bit like depression, how are you feeling generally?
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    Introducing the new Doctor

    I might give it another shot, seeing as how it's a new Doctor and a new show runner. Maybe it's the breath of fresh air the show needed, or maybe it will be completely awful. I like the idea of a female Doctor in principle but I am wary, the show hasn't exactly got the best track record of...
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    What Games have the best "Sense of Speed"?

    F-Zero GX, fuck me that game is fast. Also it has a first-person mode which is just mental.