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    Movie Defense Force: Wild Wild West

    The problem with WWW was casting. The elephant in the room was Will Smith. I love about everything Will Smith has done, but here he was the "oh look, it's a black guy" reaction from all the little characters that got so damned old that that, for all it's steam punk charm, WWW sucked. Mel...
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    The Big Picture: Skin Deep

    Dead-frickin' nuts-on right!
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    Zero Punctuation: Portal 2

    Right on again, Yahtzee!
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    Zero Punctuation: Portal 2

    Yahtzee is right. Portal2 is a blast on its own merits but is unfortunate for having to follow Portal. Valve could not recreate Portal so they created a completely different game with new mechanics and it actually works better than I expected. It gave the fans the back story they wanted...