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    Escape to the Movies: The Hunger Games

    Oh good, that means I don't have to go see it to tell me that it's no better than the books. Don't get me wrong the series has some good ideas, but I just couldn't get into them, they read like a piece of fanfiction. A good piece , but fan fiction none the less.
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    SOPA Storms Back

    I didn't know that, thanks :)
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    Japanese Censors: Sexually Aggressive Women Turn Kids Gay

    uh umm... I think ...well......What is this I don't even.... *gives up and goes to bed with a migrane*
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    SOPA Storms Back

    unfortunately not, it will probably affect every country in the world to some extent. (y'know with the exception of china who did that to themselves already)
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    So Long, Bandai Entertainment

    Whilst I don't watch alot of anime anymore, this is still rather sad :(
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    Poll: Would you change your sex for 5 million dollars?

    Yeah pretty much this. I guess i'd have some explaining to do to my family, but oh well they could adjust :P
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    Mickey Mouse May Return to the Castle of Illusion

    I loved Castle of Illusion when I was a kid, hears hoping they don't screw it up.
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    How long did you lurk/ creep?

    I Think it was about a month, I'm not 100% sure though.
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    Watch How HBO Made Game of Thrones' Special Effects

    Man I need to see this series, Damn my TV for not having HBO :(
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    If you could pick ONE game from your past to remake, what would you choose?

    I would love to see someone make an updated version of Pokemon snap, or Final Fantasy VI.
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    The last enemy you defeated is now your roommate

    King Dodongo from Ocarina of Time, i'm going to need a bigger house.
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    Poll: Do you watch anime and/or read manga?

    I like my fare share of anime, I'm more interested in manga though.
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    think back to the last three games you played

    So i'm Kratos (GoW) fighting Ganon (LoZ:OoT 3D) in the Dead or Alive(DoAD) Tournament. Awesome XD
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    Guess that obscure game quote!

    uhhh Bayonetta? Here's mine: " This will only hurt until your brains come flying out "
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    Poll: Who's excited for the new Christopher Paolini book then? [Discussion may contain spoilers]

    I liked the first two, then Brisngr came out and I just couldn't get into it , i've not picked it up since, so put me down as no.