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    Who's your best Escapist friend?

    Definitely SckizoBoy.. damn, he's helped me through some tough times, shouts outs and props to you my good friend :)
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    Far Cry 3 Review

    But how does it compare to the previous installment?
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    Africans different species?

    I would just like to point out that Timbuktu, in the Kingdom (or whatever) of Mali, was one of the intellectual hotspots in the world up to the fourteen hundreds or so. After that everything went downhill, first due to problems in the Muslim world, then due to colonisation and all the obvious...
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    (Light) Electro musiccc :P

    Yesssss Flying Lotus and Caribou are exactly what I mean! The other songs are good too (yay the knife, thanks for introducing me to them!) but Flying Lotus and Caribou are the kind of background music I'm looking for, minimal vocals and engaging song feeels :)
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    (Light) Electro musiccc :P

    Sooo, recently I've found myself dabbling in some more electronic music than my usual fix of punkrock.. And I'm looking into.. acquiring.. some of it so I can put together a playlist of sorts, so I need some bands! The only electronic music that I'm guaranteed to like so far is...
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    Local delicacy

    Black pudding is basically boiled blood. Just saying :D
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    Ten Years Living In Aftermath

    Yeha, regardless of who did the actual attacks, lots of money has been made off it.. And even way more if you count the wars that came because of it..
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    Escapist Ads?

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-meh. Frankly I think it's spoiled behaviour to dislike proper ads that much. You're gonna watch a 5 minute video and 15 seconds of advertisement are too much for you? You'd 'win back' more than 15 seconds by skipping the credits and intro video, so do you...
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    Your favorite TF2 servers

    Well I always find them, nd it's super annoying because I always think I'm doing well and breezing through the enemies, until I find out it's a server with 3/4ths bots >.<
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    Your favorite TF2 servers

    Whichever one doesn't have bots or premium.. So like one or two..
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    I just met Lady GaGa

    Er zijn duizenden jongens/mannen tussen de 20 en 35 voor wie dat een natte droom zzou zijn, neem het niet voor granted :P
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    How to Make a Working Steampunk Keyboard

    I read that as 'Giant Fire Lizard' so no harm donee :)
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    GPLP: Graham & Paul Let's Play

    Awesome! Too bad that you're not playing the game through though, but it's a lot more useful for practical purposes now ofcourse :) Keep it up!
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    The video game that got you into gaming

    Either Shogo: Mobile Arms Division or Deus Ex :)
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    Poll: Does perfection exist ?

    You just gotta savour it man :P