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    Sith Lord Attacks Customers in Toys "R" Us

    Since everyone's so impressed that he deflected a taser dart with a lightsaber I might as well come in and rain on the parade by pointing out that the actual police report simply says he broke the wire. Anyway, no crazy like Portland crazy [], represent.
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    Does the universe even want to be explained.

    Those are yams.
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    What Would Dragon Taste Like?

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    Does the universe even want to be explained.

    I'm one of the sentient bits of universe, and I want to know how I work. So, yes.
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    Violent women.

    Well you only need to meet one prospect, right? I didn't mean to say you sounded depressed or anything. I guess it would be more accurate to say you seem fed up which would make sense if you feel like eventually isn't happening quite fast enough. Have you been single for a while?
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    Violent women.

    You know being provocative is only fun if you respond, ah well. You seem awfully down on yourself in these posts, I must say I'm familiar with the feeling. Get your heart trod on enough times and it's easy to lose hope. I don't know what you want to take away from this thread but remember...
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    Violent women.

    *tch* How could you ever get into a fight over milk? Obviously the only milk worth buying is whole milk and anything else is watered down hogwash.
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    Poll: A small dilemma regarding drug possession

    Foster families are temporary, they are meant to give a child short term shelter until other living arrangements can be made. If he's lucky the state will decide his parents are able guardians and return him to their custody, if they are judged unfit then close family or friends are sought as an...
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    Poll: A small dilemma regarding drug possession

    Still, being brainwashed is not the same thing as not understanding all perspectives of an issue. It is the easiest crime in the world to be ignorant, we are all guilty of it and making someone feel small because they are unknowing will not encourage them to learn anything. You are a voice...
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    Poll: A small dilemma regarding drug possession

    Brainwashed is a hyperbolic term, maybe he's suggesting that you only have secondhand knowledge of the true effect and cause of drug use on people and he resents that you now have power over people who are actually living down the result of the war on drugs. I would like to look at this from...
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    SW:TOR Flashpoint Walkthrough, and a question about Jedi and moral choices

    The idea isn't to have choices which would run against the character of Jedi or Sith as a whole but rather to have dialogue options which cover all possible character bases. Lest we forget there is a precedent for complicated Jedi, Luke very nearly turns to the dark side within the main...
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    Why does the vocalist get all the credit?

    A couple people mentioned the fact that vocals are more important than other parts of the song, am I the only person who actually prefers to ignore the lyrics completely?
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    Poll: What is your Favorite incarnation of the doctor?

    Best Doctor. []
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    Expert opinion vs. average person

    When I was younger I very stoutly refused to accept the in-depth analysis of any work of art as valid, I chose to focus entirely on whether or not the work presented an enjoyable experience. As I've grown older and my craft has matured I find literary or generally technical critique has a high...