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    Florida professor could be fired for suggesting that the Sandy Hook shooting was a Hoax.

    The 1st Amendment guarantees protection against the U.S. government. That is true, and it does not apply to private institutions. However- the freedom of speech afforded to professors and educators in college systems falls under the category of the "freedom of expression for educators" bit...
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    US military to allow women in direct combat

    One of the main problems raised with this is "true equality". The U.S. military tends "modify" standards for these sorts of things. (It has a proven history of doing this.) Apart from other possible issues, the most concerning is that the standards may be modified to let persons unfit for...
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    Why illegalizing guns will not work in the U.S

    I agree guys- we gotta ban guns. It's just too easy for people to heat-seeking, aircraft destroying, bazooka, rpg, fully automatic assault rifles. I mean, I walk outside, and there's just this guy standing there next to this recoiless rifle he's set up on my front lawn. So I ask him, "What...
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    so the earth is F***ed aparently..

    "YES! Get rid of all your stuff! And buy my new line of certified earth healthy products! Only three easy payments of 49.99!" Every time I see one of these. Every. Time.
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    Greek triple jumper expelled from Olympics for racist Tweet that wasn't actually racist.

    I wasn't aware this was possible. I mean, after the Nazis rose to power they still had the 1936 Summer Olympics there. I always thought that this was a purely athletic competition. (I never really payed much attention to them though.)
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    Question for people Pro-guns....

    Well, to be specific- due to issues of actual implementation of the 2nd Amendment word for word- ~1790 or so, congress declared most of the male population as the militia due to a lack of standing army. (Similar to countries that call upon able bodies to fill the ranks of their military, but...
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    Question for people Pro-guns....

    I'll put it simply and we'll try to stay as simple as possible with this. They're two systems of dealing with guns. They're two separate theories. Okay. Guns aren't necessary. We'll get that right out of the way to begin with. The problem is that you just can't remove them all, they...
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    Poll: Chick-fil-a owner admits to anti-gay views

    Dat chicken and waffle fries. You know, I found a Chick-fil-a kid's book with "The Book of Virtues" plastered onto it not that long ago. (Or something like that) Surprisingly, none of this boycotting will affect their business enough to change anything. People will still continue to get...
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    Hackers Hack Themselves a Fancy New BMW

    YES! Someone posted something similar, but this is the best.
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    Okay, a question to you all regarding July 4th

    All nationalism and pissing contests of YouTubers aside, there's nothing wrong with celebrating your nation's independence and sovereignty. Or the establishment of the rule of the people for those living in older nations. (and constitutions and all that) As for the 1812 war... don't make...
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    What is Obamacare?

    As far as the insurance requirement is concerned- it's not just forced charity. There's heaps of people that wait till they get extremely sick or get sick, and then go to the ER. So basically, if you don't have health insurance, don't have the money to pay ER bills at cash value, and...
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    Poll: ME3 EC didn't fix anything

    They shoulda let it die. They could have pleased more people by leaving it as it was. All those fans that believed in the indoctrination theory to the core could have believed that until the next Mass Effect game came out. To respond to your post OP, it wasn't supposed to fix anything really...
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    Mass Effect 3 Fans Will Find Closure June 26th

    To everyone calling it a "new" ending: They already said there's not going to be a new ending, it's the current ending with extended cutscenes. (So we can understand it better or something.) Thus, it's the same ending a lot of people held great disdain for- but 5-10 minutes longer...
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    Is it immoral to keep pets?

    Well, cats are self domesticated.. so...
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    Films that you regret watching

    50 Cent's "GUN". I don't need to explain why I don't think.