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    I want drug users, smokers, alcoholics to explain this to me (seriously)

    I have Crohn's disease, I've smoked pot before but not as much as I do now. Think about not really eating a full meal in a month and having constant stomach pain. Then smoking a bowl and wanting to eat everything while your insides feel all ok and nice. It has medicinal and recreational uses for...
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    What was your favorite rpg?

    Morrowind, greatest RPG of them all!
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    Are you in a relationship?

    King of, moving to another city hundreds of miles away from a girl that says she loves me buuuuuuuuut I'm not so sure about that.
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    Your opinion on Fallout: New Vegas VS. Fallout 3

    I'm kinda torn at which to choose, I like ironsights I liked vastness in NV but Fallout 3 was so damn fun. I actually felt like I had to survive for a little bit and work hard to get anything(good god when I first played repairs were impossible! that isn't a bad thing) I was giddy about the...
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    Did anyone else see the leaked SW:TOR gameplay?

    They've bragged and bragged and bragged and spent so much time and money on dialogue. I'm going to make the best cake ever, would you really believe that it'll be dirt on a plate?
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    Did anyone else see the leaked SW:TOR gameplay?

    I love how this thread derailed from expectations getting extremely high for a game that's trying to be too safe using a formula a successful MMO stole/created/upgraded/updated (whatever you want to say to help you rage less) to the definition of WoWclone. The fact is, is that Bioware lost their...
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    Your Three Word Brink Review

    Refund right now.
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    Did anyone else see the leaked SW:TOR gameplay?

    I was gonna make this thread linking the leaked footage but it looks like it was taken down. This was the leak The game really doesn't exceed many expectations and just looked like another WoW clone. The dialogue is pretty unsubstantial...
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    Who here LIKED Brink?

    It's not really that good. Weapons feel just completely the same(I get confused on what weapon I've used most because they look the same and do the same damage mostly) you're not really going to notice all that customization in multiplayer only really in cutscenes. Level cap is 20, you can...
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    Teen Arrested for Home-Made "Hot or Not" List on Facebook

    OH GREAT MESSIAH TEACH US MORE! What's the point in these kinds of things?
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    Brink:Meet and greet before midnight

    So my friend and I have pre-ordered Brink and are waiting for it to be activated. With that being said I posted on Reddit and now here, if anyone is interested pm me your steam id. Hopefully we get enough people to establish a party. Thanks
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    Brink, Popularity, Whaaaaaaa?

    The multiplayer is really tiny, apparently 8v8. Similar TF2 modes, and roughly a stupid amount of customization. It just seems so meh. The hype is a bubble that may pop or it will actually be an insanely good game. But from what it looks like it just seems like a blands knock off. The "missions"...
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    Poll: Do you love your home country?

    Love the country hate the people that represent it. My country is America.
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    Stop taking them. All I can say, anti-depressants are horrid horrid drugs. Side effects are pretty awful and it usually takes forever for any feeling to kick in, but it could all be a placebo effect.