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    Zero Punctuation: Top 5 of 2011

    What the heck was that? ZP has always been a little juvenille with the humor (and damn funny), but that was just a long string of digusting jokes about bodily fluids. I hadn't watched in a couple of months--have been like this for awhile now or was he just really off this time?
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    Why do people hate Oblivion,Fallout and maybe other Bethesda games

    I didn't HATE Oblivion, but Oblivion had a strangely game breaking leveling system in which if you didn't level you character exactly right, the game got harder, and later close to impossible as time went on. Community members had to mod it in order to make it playable. It got a lot of flak for...
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    BioWare Letting Fans Choose Mass Effect 3's FemShep

    Some of those hair styles are ludicrous for a soldier. Sheperd isn't going to spend 30 minutes every morning doing her hair before blasting reavers. I like #1. The is short and functional, and she looks attractive and like a soldier.
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    Offensive Newegg Ads

    So write them a letter or something.
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    I don't like Half Life :C

    I don't care for the "realistic" FPSs like the Call of Duty series. It think they glorify war and violence in a way that I find distasteful. I don't get the same feeling from more cartoony games like TF2. I think there's a place for games like these if the material is treated well, I just...
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    Elder scrolls 4 oblivion best mods

    I love the search bar. It's awesome. There's a new thread on this just about every month.
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    Trailers: Duke Nukem Forever Reveal Trailer

    lol, "Hell, I'd still hit it."
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    Your First MMO?

    Eve Online The first and best.
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    The Most Underrated Games of the Decade

    OT: I thought Star Wars Episode 3 was fun. But then I'm a sucker for messing with the canon and slicing body parts off Storm Clone Troopers. EDIT: HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN OKAMI? Incorrect. You're one of those people who thinks there was a year 0.
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    The 2010 List of Awesome

    I would have put Starcraft II on the list.
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    What book are you currently reading?

    Neuromancer, William Gibson.
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    Gaming PC again

    900W Power Supply is way overkill if you're only going with one graphics card.
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    Name Game: The Wait is Over

    Uh. . . is that supposed to be funny or something?