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    Hopes for Dragon Age III

    I hope they make a dating sim, there aren't enough western dating sims and Bioware have proved themselves to be very proficient in the genre. RPGs can be left to devs which have actually released a good one in the last 4 years PS: Actually DA3 could just be DLC for DA2, I'm fine with that
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    Best Charities to Donate To Donate and join the axis of freedom today, I'd do it if I weren't cheap
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    Draw your favorite game's cover.. badly.

    Now that I look at it, I realise that nobody will ever guess it. Not really my favourite game but hey, nostalgia. also colours are for babies
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    Julian Assange is a prick.

    I don't care about Assange, but I do smile at his shenanigans. That embassy thing was hilarious. He hasn't been charged.
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    Poll: Poll: What is your favourite Superhero?

    I choose superman because Bill convinced me. Also batman isn't a superhero, he's what conservatives dream about when jerking off. Fuck Batman.
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    You're biggest self-imposed pu..accomplishment.

    Beat every level of Devil May Cry 3 on Dante must die with SS score. After so much time playing it I can pretty much instant guard in my sleep now
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    Poll: Is higher education worth it?

    I assume you are from the land of the free, home of the brave. In that case, no. In socialist Europe, yes. As long as the degree isn't liberal arts or sociology or such. You'd be more beneficial at McDonald's.
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    Vergil confirmed for DmC

    Yamato :'( Why did they have to change you Apparently not even Vergil's sword is "cool" enough for Taneem
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    Let's all die horribly in our struggle against the Xenos!

    I'll sign up for any role, but as an xcom veteran I am severely disappointed you aren't playing TFTD. UFO has a distinct lack of trawlers and lobstermen. It also pains me to see you use a tank, they're so not cost efficient
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    Movie Trailers: The Tall Man - Trailer

    Was expecting Cabadath. I am very disappointed.
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    Hidden Youtube gems

    Though my current favourite has to be this video about a quality brazilian game
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    Wondrous Mountains

    I think you might have a balloon fetish.
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    Poll: Where are you from?

    North American tectonic plate though technically in Europe. Figure it out yourself I don't play video games, I just hate on them on the internet
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    Trailers: DMC: Devil May Cry - Gamescom Trailer

    Vergil doesn't even have the same type of sword, shows how much research ninja theory does on the real series. Also the story seems to come down to YOU ARE THE DEMONS DONTE ANON IS LEGUN, what the fuck
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    Mass Effect 3 Ending Conspiracy. If you love Mass Effect and hated the ending, READ THIS PLEASE

    Sorry, but bioware's writers aren't clever enough to think of anything like this and desperate fans aren't going to save it. They might see this and release it as DLC though.