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    adds escapist

    recently the escapist has been putting adds at the start of there videos i say good for the escapist i might not like the adds but it keeps the escapists running though i think we have a problem its the escapist is carly not using its demographic right this is the problem i see with the...
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    Gamestation Defends "Sexist" Ad

    i did to but i think we giggle because we know its not meant to be taken seriously though joyless people allays have to nitpick
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    Zero Punctuation: iPhone Games

    mars is very nice this time of year because i dont have an i phone i never saw the pont of one i what a pohne i have a ds for hand held gaming on the go why do i need an ipone
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    The Escapist Film Festival 2010: Nintendobo

    i fell like my minds been beeped it took my inaseance
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    Game Dogs: The Hand of Fate

    no the fact that they havent to flowed it up there sacred of such a response that they done/said nothing since this came up thats why there cowherds
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    Game Dogs: The Hand of Fate

    there a batch of cowards
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    you used my battle cry
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    Game Dogs: The Hand of Fate

    i liked thoughts too characters and why did you show us the dead body!! and why dident you kill chet dam when i left it chet was in the lead
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    Bethany. Chet. Roger. You Decide Who Will Die in an Upcoming Game Dogs Episode!

    why cant Roger die mud is more interesting and less annoying to and Chets not that bad and i dont what this crap its as dull as a rock the ones i did watch i whated Roger to piss of
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    Zero Punctuation: Transformers: War for Cybertron

    the free to air had some some weird kids programs so in the days be for the net i hardly knew what a transformers a i saw bit of best wars was we we normally just had stuff from the uk so i dont see what the excitement over transformers is ether there robots they crush things yay
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    Poll: Why do you play as opposite gender characters?

    i think it be cool to be a be a guy so i role play or pick the guy allso girl avis are normally ugly
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    LoadingReadyRun: 106.7 The Drive

    i get way its call the The Drive Devil Gate Drive its a song
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    Poll: Which of the "Big Three" anime is your favorite?

    Naruto Shippuden i get bord BLEACH - i like it One Piece - cant stop watching it if its on
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    Game Dogs: Episode Two: Break Room

    mud is more exiting dood give my flash and i could do something better