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    Movie Trailers: The Lone Ranger - Trailer

    PotC 4 failed so hard they decided to make a PotC 5. Just because a movie is bad doesn't mean it didn't make a lot of money. Edit: Also, the reason Depp and H.B.C are in the same movies is probably because they both know Tim Burton.
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    Trailers: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Demo

    I had only seen 1 teaser about this game before so I wasn't quite sure if it was going into my x-mas RPG cart. Then Ian described it as a "massive open-world RPG". Looks like I'll get to play more than just Skyrim for the next 6 months =).
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    Skyrim Gets 15 Rating in UK

    They don't live in a country that gets a large portion of its ethical/moral values from a bunch of long dead protestants that sailed across the Atlantic ocean to escape religious/political persecution...? That's my best guess.
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    Skyrim Gets 15 Rating in UK

    The fact that you acknowledge the "lizard people, cat people, orc people" are actually people in the context of the fantasy world they live in makes your entire argument moot. From merriam-webster: Definition of BESTIALITY 1: the...
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    Heavy Rain Dev Says Pre-Owned Sales Cost it Millions

    So... basically this is an article about some guy most of us have probably never heard about saying something a lot of other guys have already said. Not denying it's important, but what is being done about it by publishers/developers other than Fondaumiere? I mean specifics, not short...
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    Researchers Spot And Manipulate Zombie Gene In Caterpillars

    Interesting article but very misleading headline/lead. These aren't zombie caterpillars. They are more like caterpillars with head-crabs. Kind of like zombies but not exactly the living dead.
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    Morrigan from Dragon Age Controls Water in the Flesh

    More like a drug abuse 30 than an actual age difference IMO. Edit: also, it's cosplay not soft-core porn - stop QQing about her wearing a bra (though IMO it looks like a bikini top).
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    Fox News Attacks Environmentally Conscious Games

    But then the guy pitching the stories about how stupid something Fox did recently would be in trouble. =(.
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    Trailers: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Footage

    Clearly Infinity Ward got lazy at the top... Very Lazy. You're right, sequels are generally not all that progressive in most generas. But when it comes to first person shooters, I think there is a certain expectation of progress in some direction. All I see from the gameplay here is...
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    IO Refuses To Be "Dictated To" by Fans

    Seems like they should just make the feature toggle on and off. Everyone wins, the end.
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    PC Battlefield 3 Lacks Key FPS Feature

    I'll admit, I was put off by this at first. However, I don't think it's wise to jump to conclusions on how this will affect game play or the overall quality of BF3. It's just a different way of finding servers. For all we know it could be so awesome every FPS on the PC will start doing it.
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    Poll: Would you turn?

    I don't really think "turning" to the dark side is a single choice in a single moment in time. It's more of a process from what I understand (IE: fear -> anger -> hate -> dark side). Soooo this entire discussion is moot.
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    Dragon Age II and the decline of the classic RPG

    I think saying RPGS are going to die out is a little extreme. They will just change, and who is to say that is a bad thing? You may look at Baldur's gate with teary eyed nostalgia, but I've played it, and as a modern-rpg lover who got his first taste of the genera with NWN I can only say the...
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    Would you read a book if this was the first chapter??

    Lack of imagination and lack of description are two different things. Sure, we can IMAGINE what goes on in a red light district, but we can do that without reading this story. What makes this place different from any other (or perhaps the same as any other), why we should be interested in it...
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    Would you read a book if this was the first chapter??

    A first paragraph can be both vague and descriptive at the same time, and in many cases is make or break for a reader. Novels are an exception because they have paid a moderate sum of money (lets say 8+ dollars U.S.) for the book, but considering all we are presented with is the first...