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    Can you beat him? Akinator Web game

    Beat him with black mage No. 288
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    The last thing killed, or that you beat, in a game is now right next to you.

    Zidane in FFIX... May be awkward explaining why I had him kill himself.
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    Your Pokemon Gym

    Weather based team - Hippowdon with leftovers ( stealth rocks, roar with slackoff for healing and icefang for damage ) Garchomp with choice band ( tipical Crunch,Dragon claw, Earthquake and fire fang Excadrill ( speed ability) with air balloon ( Sword dance, earthquake, rapid spin, x...
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    Chronicles of Cataclysm: In Which Dungeons Remain Unfinished

    To everyone going on about the language barrier - At the moment on the beta Party chat will not communicate to people on other servers meaning /say or /yell is your only option, many people are unaware of this so many groups end up in silence.
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    Chronicles of Cataclysm: In Which Dungeons Remain Unfinished

    I just did The first two instances on my restoration shaman earlier. Due to the beta being bugged shamans cant use all their shiny new healing mechanics yet but once I got the grip on using lesser healing wave for everything it was pretty easy even with the party chat being bugged. (by the...
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    The Escapist Presents: Starcraft 2 101: Tips & Tricks

    I agree with john here the beta is a brilliant game on it's own blizzard actually do care about their games and unlike world of warcraft they wont milk it for every penny. The game has millions of things to do so you will never be bored if you get it; even if you get sick of the actual...
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    The Escapist Presents: Starcraft 2 101: Tips & Tricks

    shame beta ends on Monday i have great fun with it playing random. few tactics and tricks i used. Terran - 6 rax reaper rush ( only useful vs toss tbh (Requires heavy micro)) - Marine, Maurader and medivac get this going right and very little stopped you - Ghost tech you want to...
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    Staying awake.

    try some of these tips - someone had to do it :)
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    So I'm Going To Pick Up WoW

    1st - you say you have friends playing may i suggest using recruit a friend you can easily get to level 60 in a few hours using this method ( plus the 2 seater flying mount comes in handy ) 2ND - For first character roll skinning and mining most money making professions after this...
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    Who was the last enemy you killed?

    A Orc rogue on wow trying to get a easy kill as I was logging off
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    Doomsday Arcade: Finale Preview

    you have never met blizzard have you :)
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    Escapist News Network: The Future of Sex

    loved the rapidfire referance keep it up :)
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    Are Pokemon games getting too complex?

    It depends how your going to play if you just want to beat the story line you can basicly just play it void of any game mechanics if you want to beat people online you need to know exacly what EV's and IV's what pokemon belongs to which tier the banned competivly ones etc etc
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    Unskippable: Jak II

    good work on the video guys shameless plug: you can see paul RIGHT now on its for the children!