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    ''Wait... they're voiced by the same person?!''

    My mind never ceases to be blown by the range of voices that some voice actors have.
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    Your Favorite Let's Player

    Too many to pick out a single favourite, so I'll list a few. HCBailly, for his funny jokes during JRPGs and a ton of catchphrases like ''BOSS TIME!'' ScottishDuck17 because of his infamous raging, over the top swearing and Benny Hill speed up editing. Dilandau3000 because of his...
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    Myst and the D'ni

    I bought the Cyan Worlds bundle on Steam during the summer sale so I'm playing Uru again at the moment. Always loved the Myst series but I haven't played any of them for a long time now except Uru. Looking back at the games now it's incredible how good the graphics are for each game...
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    Steam Sale 2012 - What games emptied your wallet?

    Mirror's edge 75% off just finished and I missed it because I was asleep. Fuck.
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    Steam Sale 2012 - What games emptied your wallet?

    Ooooh, this is getting dangerous. It's tough trying to stop myself splurging all my money right now on Qube, Trine 2, Saints Row, Legend of Grimrock and the Walking Dead. Plus Bastion might be on sale when I want to be sleeping.
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    Sonic Adventure 2 coming to XBLA =D

    This has made my day. My favourite Sonic game, which I haven't played for so many years since my Dreamcast bit the dust. That it's been remastered in HD is the absolute icing on the cake and well worth the long wait.
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    Poll: So who are you backing for the Euro 2012

    I support the team that is the most entertaining to watch, which is usually Spain and pretty much never England, who I should really be supporting because it's my country. I'd love to see Germany do well though because I really like a lot of their young, talented players like Gotze, Reus...
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    Favorite videogame one liner.

    "Hey there five chins! How's crimes?" - Daxter: Jak 2 Balthier from Final Fantasy 12 had a shitload of good lines: "What's the going rate for saving a princess these days? A bath I hope" "All Skiff, no ship. Hardly fit for a leading man" "Call me old fashioned, but I was hoping for a...
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    Sports and you.

    I'm a huge football (soccer) fan and I support Arsenal, who are just god damn awesome. I played more sport when I was younger at school, playing football, rugby and athletics but I don't play as much these days except for a local 6-a-side football team league. I also used to be quite a...
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    What's your habit in games?

    In RPG's I will ALWAYS be reluctant to use disposable items (like potions and such) and MP (if it doesn't regen) and will end up going through most of the game like this before realising what a tight bastard I am and thinking 'What the hell am I saving this stuff for?!'. If a game has some...
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    Any Armored Core V Ravens out there?

    Is the game out yet? I haven't pre-ordered it because I'm trying to save the pennies but it looks really good so I'll probably cave in and get it anyway. I played AC4 and For Answer and enjoyed them a lot but there was barely anyone online to play with/against.
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    Final Fantasy fans! What's your favourite Final Fantasy game and why?

    12 is my favourite because of the huge and diverse world that you can explore. It doesn't restrict you much at all in terms of exploration so it feels like an MMORPG. And because of the huge amount of side quests, you can play well over 100 hours and not even be close to finishing everything...
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    Today's PS3 Update Completes PSN to SEN Transformation

    Gah! 'PSN' rolls off the tongue much easier than 'SEN' does. If SONY don't make Michael Essien the poster-boy of their new service somehow, they've missed a huge trick.
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    Greatest football player of all time?

    Gotta be Messi for me. With the modern game being much faster and more physically demanding than when the likes of Pele and Maradona played, it's unbelievable how Messi can consistently be so lethal in a game. Pretty much unstoppable. And he can still get better as he gets older.
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    Skyrim's PS3 Lag Gets A Patch This Month

    And now four. The good old fatty seems to be handling Skyrim well. This is quite interesting.