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    Grand Theft Auto V Torture Scene Causes Uproar

    I think the issue here with this is that you have no choice, like at all. You MUST do the things that people tell you to do in missions, and granted you have options about how to do them, but you MUST finish to continue. In other controversial scenes in other games, you had a choice not to...
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    GameStop Responds to "GTA V Midnight Release Video" Controversy

    Trust me, in the heat of the moment when customers are yelling and being generally ridiculous, it's sometimes hard to keep your head. I don't think she handled it well, but I've been in that position and I don't think it would be a fireable offense. Not everyone can have idiots yell at them for...
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    Gallery of the Day - Pixelated Boobs

    I guess the "Biggest Junk Bulge" in gaming will be forthcoming then?
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    Double Fine Gets Indie Fund Backing For Two More Games All I hear is "MORE AWESOME GAMES"
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    Microsoft Exec: "If You're Backwards Compatible, You're Really Backwards"

    Excuse me? I play DS games on my 3DS like I have a vendetta. If the game is good, I will replay it and though it may not make a ton of money sense for them, there is such a thing as GOOD WILL toward your consumer or customer. Why do people like Valve so much, do they think?
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    The Baby Has A Name: Xbox One That is all.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Hunger Games

    Most of the things you said about the movie, the running through endless forests, the weird rules about the games, the fakey romance... they are all problems inherent to the BOOKS, and not just the movie. From what you said, it seems like a fairly faithful adaptation XD
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    Escape to the Movies: The Phantom Menace 13 Years Later

    Amen brother. I feel the same way about the Hobbit movie that is about to come out. I was 14 when the last LOTR was released and now I'm 22. I'm going to have to steel myself to the fact that it's not going to feel the same as last time, no matter what. Granted, it still looks like an awesome...
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    Anonymous Exacts Revenge for Megaupload Takedown

    They took down a police website? .........yay? Honestly, I was in support of them a couple of years ago but if we are going to legitimize our "platform", the nerd platform as some congresspeople put it (or the platform of people fighting for "new media"), we have to do a little house...
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    Trailers: Rhythm Heaven Wii Teaser

    I loved the original... it will be interesting to see how they use the Wii mechanics. They were so creative with the DS!
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    LulzSec Hacks Porn Database, Uncovers .mil And .gov Logins

    Hmm... that does seem rather mean. Sometimes people just have a weakness for boobies. It happens. :P But I think using your work email is a little stupid. Not that it justifies humiliating them, but that is one of the stupider things to do with your time at work. Can't say I agree...
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    E3: Nintendo's New Console Is: The Wii U

    Hmmm streaming the games straight to the controller? That's quite intriguing actually. Wow. I thought this was going to be a total bust but it's actually quite interesting.
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    Psychologists Claim Games Alter Personal Reality

    I can understand that. When I read books by different authors and I get really into them, I find that I think, talk, and write in that author's style for about a day or two after I stop reading. I can tell because one of my favorite authors has a really stream of consciousness style that just...
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    PAX Prime 2011 Is Now Completely Sold Out

    I didn't really understand the whole anger about the dickwolves thing. In fact, I laughed out loud when I read that which is something I don't do often for comics. This coming from the guys who make comics about how their poop smells exotic? If you're looking for high brow stuff, this ain't it...
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    Lego Dev Thinks Disney's Stealing Blocks From Traveller's Tales

    Didn't Final Fantasy X-2 do that too? Honestly Disney having an original idea these days is a reason to celebrate. Copying other people is just business as usual. That, and pumping out sequels and remakes to the original. I'm looking at you Pirates of the Caribbean.