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    Metal is starting to leave my heart

    It's pretty simple.... If you don't like metal anymore listen to Between the Buried and Me. Look up the song "Selkies: The Endless Obsession". If you don't like that song, you don't like metal anymore. Also there are more good songs on Hold Your Colour than there are on Immersion and In...
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    Poll: Halo: Did anyone actually enjoy fighting the flood?

    I loved the Library... A lot of people criticize it, but it was fun as hell on Legendary with a pal. Seriously difficult but goodness it was thrilling at the time. In the second Halo they were fun to fight as well, but in the third it felt tiresome, mostly due to the fact that the third Halo was...
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    Valve Unveils Portal 2 Box Art

    The cover art reflects, as you already mentioned, co-op. And co-op is a really huge selling point of the game. I think the model for the character jumping from portal to portal is ugly though, I can sympathize with you there.
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    Halo Fan Creates Real-Life Grunt Birthday Party

    Firstly, let me apologize. I am an asshole. I'm sitting around with pneumonia right now, but I don't want to use that as an excuse. You're completely right about what you said but I'd like to share my perspective. The articles I see on this site range greatly in quality. So do the people...
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    Halo Fan Creates Real-Life Grunt Birthday Party

    Grunt Birthday Party was added as a skull in both of the later games, and has origins that go back to a bunch of grunts dancing around a fire in Halo 2. I feel like video game journalists have less accountability than real journalists, did you just look at this video, glance at Wikipedia really...
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    You Don't Know Jack

    I agree whole heartedly!
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    You Don't Know Jack

    Ehhhh he has mentioned before that the book was definitely about Jesus and he has definitely casually dismissed (as Bob mentioned) Islam, and Eastern religion in general. Seriously, great ass article.
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    TIME top 5 games of the year

    RDR was certainly filled with bugs, but ME2 I played on the computer... and the computer release was pretty damned buggy, so I'll amend my statement. RDR was just a better game.
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    TIME top 5 games of the year

    Ahhhh yes. Well the thing to notice here is that this isn't necessarily a list of "Best Five Games This Year" so much as "Best Five Games This Year According to TIME Magazine". Now that's a pretty big difference, all things considered. Alan Wake was basically Stephen King: The Video Game, so...
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    The one thing you are sick and fucking tired of seeing on the internet.

    People making asinine threads in general. Either go to the posters house who you hate and kill him or don't complain. You're only flooding the forums with another thread about something that has nothing to do with anything at all.
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    The Big Picture: A Nerd By Any Other Name

    I am currently living in NYC and I find your parallel between Twi-hards and Yankees fans to be strangely appropriate and probably the funniest thing you've ever mentioned. Thanks for that, Bob.
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    The 3rd Annual Escapist's Worst Song Of The Year Thread!

    I feel like this thread would be more productive if everyone here started thinking about the things that make these songs so popular and then writing one similar... Because even people like Justin Bieber get to laugh their collective asses off on the way to the bank. Seriously though Escapist...
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    The Big Picture: Once Upon a Time in The Future

    This is my point. Hold out hope Bob because as soon as China or India or Japan starts gettin ready for something like colonization, we'll be on that shit like flies. e: ^^ Holy shit that was an extremely convincing suicide suggestion.
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    Six Tips on Crushing Your Enemies in Civilization V

    It would be nice to go to a gaming website that gave you tips for games that weren't so retardedly basic. If you guys made a column on here that was about advanced video game tactics, I might take it more seriously than these tips, which can be found in the instruction manual for Civ 5, and have...
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    Sniping is officially WORTHLESS in Black Ops

    You misquoted. I did not say that.