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    Escape to the Movies: The Road

    I agree wholeheartedly, but I don't think this is one of those books. I saw this film at a pre-screening a few months ago and was pretty impressed. It was very true to the book and adapted well into a film. Hell, Cormac McCarthy wrote it as a screen play before he wrote it as a novel!
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    TF2 New Blog Post (Hidden Page)

    They just updated the the blog [] a while ago and, of course, there's a hidden page. If you want to find it yourself, DON'T READ ON Just go to the KOTH map pack link at the bottom. Now, instead of following your instincts and only clicking on...
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    Updated: Gabe Newell's Lack of Poker Skills Lost Him Gearbox Name

    It's like a story Mark Twain would tell
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    Poll: Why did Hitler attack Russia?

    He hated communism (a lot of fascists do). Also, Russia had oil. That was why Stalingrad and Leningrad were attacked; to secure the supply of fuel coming from southern Russia
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    Gears of War Designer: "The Future of Shooters is RPGs"

    I never said anything about hating space shooters, I played and thoroughly enjoyed GoW. It just seems strange that Cliffy B. would rather create popular games (weather they're good or not) than try to create great entertainment. Ok, so the writer did a better job (in my opinion) doing Bioshock...
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    Gears of War Designer: "The Future of Shooters is RPGs"

    So Bleszkinski would rather be a sellout than a creative artist. Also, I would say that although the RPG elements of bioshock (squint and look to the side and you can see them) were good, that game isn't revered because it had RPG elements. I loved bioshock for the atmosphere and plot.
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    203: Don't Knock the Aztecs

    Interesting article, especially considering that this is EXACTLY what I stopped studying for my Spanish final about 10 minutes ago.
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    Poll: What do you think of the new Escapist layout

    I guess it'll just take me time to get used to it
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    Meet the Spy leak

    *Double post, woops Also, I'm going to have to watch it about 100 times to look for any hidden things
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    Meet the Spy leak

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    Team Fortress 2 Does Super Smash Bros.

    That was the best 1:30 I've spent in a while.
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    Poll: Orange Box

    For so long I thought I was alone!
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    Escapist Community: Books You Must Read Before You Die....

    On the subject of science fiction I just finished reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Phillip K. Dick, definitely one of my favorites. Also, I love the Timeline 191 [] 191 books by Turtledove, basically a big alt history thought experiment
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    Bionic Commando Rated "M" Because of RE5

    I wonder if this is more puzzling than Twilight Princes' teen rating. But I guess this is more of a retarded bureaucratic move. Good job ESRB!
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    Halo 3 Players Kill Ten Billion Covenant

    So, about 1.5 covenant dead for every human on the earth- from Masai villagers in Tanzania to... well me.