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    Germany Bans the Xbox 360

    "We are pleased that the Mannheim Court found that Microsoft products infringe Motorola Mobility's intellectual property," And then he laughed maniacally like a supervillain.
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    Personal Favourite Gun ?

    Hmm, either the MPFB Devastator or the Velocithor V2-10. Both from Iji. The former fires three huge projectiles that do really good damage for the cost. 1 Ammo=3-9 HP damage. More if your Attack stat is increased, all the way up to 6-18 HP damage per round. The latter is a giant laser that...
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    Pre-owned games banned? Are you cool with that?

    I'm a poor person, so yes that does bother me a lot. I very rarely impulse buy a game at full price, typically waiting a few months or even years to get it. By that time, usually the price has dropped a fair bit. And from there, the Used price is a bit lower than that. Granted, that...
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    Do you find level grinding therapeutic?

    I realize it's a term that originates from tabletop gaming, but if I'm just going through a dungeon to get my levels up, they fulfill the same purpose. Crawling through a dungeon and increasing my levels and stats. I realize no one else uses the term like that. But that's just how I think...
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    Question about Doujin Shoot (and Cute) 'Em Ups

    I started with Imperishable Night and got really good at it, and while it's sort of easier because it has probably the easiest Easy Mode, you can get plenty of lives, and the patterns aren't as hard as other games, it's a bit more complex when taking into account familiars and how they affect...
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    Do you find level grinding therapeutic?

    I realize I'm in the minority in this, but I actually sort of like level grinding. Even if I'm not explicitly powering myself up for a really tough boss, I find it relaxing to go somewhere and do a 30-45 minute dungeon crawl. So I guess, is there anyone else who finds the repetition to be...
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    JRPGs: The best character upgrade systems

    I think the Golden Sun series did an excellent job with customization. You could attach multiple Djinn (elemental spirits) to change their class, giving them different stats and Psynergy to cast. While you could be boring and just hand 9 Water Djinn to Mia and make her an Angel, you...
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    Poll: Pokemon: Physical or Special, which do you prefer?

    So I've been thinking about all of the teams I've used in years past. And I realized, they were almost entirely Special Attackers. Back then, I didn't even think about it, just catching those that I liked. I may have had one or two token physical fighters, but for the most part, Special ruled...
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    Piracy and Streaming - How do you feel about it?

    That's why we have Hulu. Last I remember, Hulu was free, but you could really only watch recent episodes and have to deal with ads unless you paid and went premium. And many TV stations have streaming on their site. My mom always goes to to catch up on Amazing Race and it's the same...
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    Never buy a Ubisoft game for PC

    Games for Windows Live. A not so good PC gaming service (Your Mileage May Vary).
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    Poll: Which Pokemon Gen did you start off with?

    It's like you don't have to save when switching between boxes anymore! OT: Gen I, when I was 5. I vague remember going to the BX and my parents buying Blue for my Gameboy Brick. I played up through Gen 3. Although, my Ruby version disappeared, followed by my GBA SP with my Gold version...
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    what is your favorite game of all time?

    Zelda: Wind Waker, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and Mother 3 are all at the top in some order.
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    Is there a dev company whose games you will play, no questions asked?

    Camelot Software Planning Intelligent Systems Shanghai Alice
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    If console gaming is cheaper, why are all the games so much more expensive?

    *glances nervously at $350 US low-end laptop that's capable of running Portal 2 at near full settings.* *glances even more nervously at copy of Portal 2 he bought for about $20 US after discounts 5 months after launch* Umm... you guys, why are the PC supporters using such big numbers?
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    Could anyone point me to a good freeware dungeon crawler?

    As the title says, I'm suddenly interested in the genre. I just need some suggestions. But I don't want something with ASCII art, so no Nethack, ADOM, etc. No offense to fans, I like being able to identify what I'm facing at a glance. So please, is anyone willing to help?