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    The Big Picture: Plothole Surfers

    Q&A questions: 1) Was it hard to get back into ?Big Picture? mode after such a lengthy hiatus? 2) Where are the various faces from? Were they drawn from photos? Do you have a favorite? 3) Do you have a favorite Kaiju video game, and if so, is it Rampage? Mine is Shadow of the...
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    Final Fantasy Tactics Finally Hits iOS in June/July

    Awesome news! I also hope they do something to fix the graphical lag and slowdown which plagued the PSP version (not that the PSP version was bad, it just stood out amidst all the great updates to the original game).
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    Cult Classic JRPG Vagrant Story Hits PSN This Week

    Got this game off eBay while I was in college... I really don't know why, but I absolutely loved it. It's a completely different experience than ANY Final Fantasy game I had played to that point. Darker, moodier, and incredibly isolating to the player, as you basically spend the entire game...
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    Force Unleashed 2 Is Too Much

    I completely agree with Yahtzee on this point. Willing suspension of disbelief can only go so far. Another example is the ridiculous assassin chase sequence in Attack of the Clones - the sheer mind-numbing implausibility of the sequence causes it to lose any and all tension (to paraphrase Mr...
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    Shadow Of The Colossus: why it is so much praised?

    It looks like you don't like Shadow of the Colossus because it isn't video-gamy enough, which is the exact reason so many DO love it. Your screen isn't filled with convoluted HUDs, ammo counters, compasses, GPS, money, experience points, and inventory screens. You don't spend every waking...
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    277: Enjoy the Silence

    The contrast between music and silence is one Shadow of the Colossus's strongest points. Outside of battles and cutscenes, the only sounds you hear are the sounds of nature - birds chirping, wind blowing, leaves rustling, and the sound of Agro's hooves on the earth. The lack of music enhances...
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    Imagine DLC in older games?

    Recently I was mulling over old PS1 games (mostly old Final Fantasies) and was wondering, if the same games were released today, what the product would look like on release day. Final Fantasy VII definitely would not have Vincent and Yuffie (and her plotline in Wutai) out of the box. Emerald...
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    Poll: Do you hate JRPG's?

    Hey all, long-time lurker, first time poster. JRPGs are really what got me into hardcore gaming, and for the longest time, were the staple of my games library. It started with Final Fantasy VIII (or actually, now that I think about, Pokémon Blue) and from there on, I needed more. I snatched...