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    Poll: Female babysitter charged for having sex with 14-year old boy.

    I somewhat agree that the punishment should be alleviated since the case has different circumstances considering that the action was consensual. Of course, I don't think she should get off Scott-free since the laws that have been implemented are juvenile at times but are there for the order of...
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    I Have Gotten Sick of These Kinds of Threads ...

    I guess why they are so prevalent is because of the imaginative nature of the question. It's like playing adlibs but instead of filling in the blank with a random word, you fill in the blank with a digital item you are familiar with. It's small and worth a chuckle when you think about it...
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    Which personification of death would you want?

    I guess I'll go with Deadpool's personification of death in his comic book series. The basic jist of it is the grim reaper who is feminine in body structure but the head is a bare skull. If taken away by deaths angel, I'd hope it be an angel.
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    Poll: Help me settle this.

    To be honest, I love salads too. They are filling and are quite delicious with the right combination of ingredients. However, being someone who's worked as a busser/waiter, I usually thought that when a two top with a male and female had ordered a salad and a hamburger, I would often go with...
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    Last Game You Bought, Next Game You're (ideally) Getting

    Just purchased my pre-order of No More Heroes Paradise and ideally going to get Dead Island next month.
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    Aliens are invading and you are armed with the last weapon you used in a video game.

    Heh, so I'm armed with the "Pew Pew" special laser pistol from Fallout New Vegas. I think I've got a pretty good chance with those odds. Then again, I don't think there are that many Energy Cell's around.
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    To what degree does this list apply to you?

    Except for the age, you have me pretty spot on.
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    The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman

    At least she doesn't have cat ears. That would be the nail in the coffin for me.
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    would you say this is wrong

    A child? Caffeine? Give caffeine to a child?! Children have enough energy as is. Last thing I need is another energetic child causing mayhem. Oh wait, is this a moralistic topic based on the child's health or about the child's behavior? I'm more worried about how the child will act...
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    Why do some nerds hate Big Bang Theory?

    Personally, I have no interest in the show even though the material of it relates to my hobbies and interests. My family, however, are infatuated with it and often make some comparisons of me with Sheldon. Mind you, I have no contempt for the serial, I just don't like sitcom's and I spend most...
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    Poll: Favourite feature on the Escapist except ZP?

    It doesn't feel right just saying my favorite so I'll list mine in order of most enjoyable. 1. Extra Credits 2. The Big Picture 3. Critical Miss 4. The Jimquisition 5. Escape to the movies I don't list Loading Ready Run and Unskippable because I don't watch them.
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    Poll: What will you be buying in November?

    Well, there are basically two that I want to get. One is the popular Elder Scrolls: Skyrimm and the other is Anarchy Reigns. I'm probably going to shell out for Anarchy Reigns first and foremost since it looks interesting to me and I'm pretty sure no one else is going to give a toss about it.
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    Why are you hetero or homosexual?...

    Wow my friend, I'm sorry to see such a backlash for your thread. Personally, I'm a heterosexual though I have spent some time considering the possibility of maybe being something else. Ultimately, my reaction to female characteristics are more in tune with my attraction for a companion.
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    These June Game Sales Numbers Are Kind of Depressing

    Huh, so I was one of 24,000 who bought Shadows of the Damned. I almost feel like I'm in a special club. I wonder how Alice sold.
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    Porn, what's your opinion?

    I am for the existence of porn but my biggest opinion about it is about the way for paying for it. I spent around a good five days searching and deciding on the securest and most palatable subscription site but a lot of my search always ended with the statement "why pay for it when you can...