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    Rewrite something's ending to make it freaking DARK.

    Star Wars: return of the jedi Just when vader throws palpatine down the shaft, he look at his son and says "You finally gave me my chance, my chance to defeat him, thank you son" With that he pulls his son up with saber in hand vader cuts through his son. With the immiediate news of her brother...
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    Characters you hate that everyone loves

    Tali, She is just bait for the player to make he whatever she wants her to be
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    How you came into your fandom (origin stories)!

    40k. I used to collect Star Wars miniatures(Now Extinct). But they where those Minis that are random in a box. I payed 20$ for one set to only get the same thing again. So i saw 40k, The store owner explained how you would buy your miniatures you want and you would paint and build them...
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    Stupid teachers.

    I will never forget a Sub we had that we called "Miss Bodunkudunk(Because she had a huge well, y'know)" This is a senior in highschool class. In our sociology class we where studying crime, She threw aside our curriculum for the day and said "You are all nice young adults(Advance class) you wont...
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    Important Characters That Didn't Get to Do Much

    Vaas from Farcry 3, He is ignored for entire sections of the games, when he does come up its very little. I wanted to know more about him. Oh, and Dennis, HE Inks you up, gives you a gun and does nothing after that.
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    Early Episode Weirdness

    You see it in MLP too, The Voices in season 1 had a different tone and alot more girly then the second, with TWilight cooing over cute creatures. Also, Sg-1, it seemed like at first they didnt know the direction they where going, And Atlantis was first Sg-1.2 But it changed later to having its...
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    Stupid teachers.

    Now, Im a special ed student, So we end up getting the nutcases. So i can go on about this all day. But i reall only have 1 teacher from 7th grade. First, in the entire yea we had 3 social studies lesson, all movies. You see, special ed teachers have too teach all subjects, even if they arent...
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    The current state of World of Warcraft

    I stopped playing a year ago, it was a combo of rediscovering 40k and not having anything to do but lvl alts(did it) Grind instances(yawn and frustrating to no end) and get constantly refused from my raiding guild because i had no experience(How was i supposed to get it exactly?) Not to...
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    Oklahoma mom shoots and kills intruder

    The law is very clear. Property crimes do not warrent deadly force.
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    Oklahoma mom shoots and kills intruder

    If its stealing, murder isnt justified. property is not worth life. if it was life. then i beleive it is. But i think she was 100% justified.
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    What is your take on the justice system in your country?

    Someone tell me where this makes sense. We lock people up, Control every prospect of there life, Give them nothing to do and leanr no skills. WE cook for them, we schedule their free time outside......And we expect people to come out better and ready for a productive life? I dont think we...
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    Your in-game phobias

    Skyrim made me scared of tight spaces. And Undead. So i hate Nordic tombs. I also Hate Zombies. Will rarely lay a game with them. Except Dead Rising. Skyrim also made me araid of dragons for a bit. Now i just rush the guys axe swining like a mad man.
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    Have your parents ever done this?

    Dnt know if its the same but my dad praises my sister for being top of her class. While he kinda ignores me and thinks anything i want to do is stupid. This was apparent when he took us to his work. They all siad about how much my dad talks about her. They didnt even know who is was.
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    Things that piss you movies!

    Hmm, 1: Anakin Won the pod race. Who is a good pilot 2: Could have been hiding it from luke that he knew. If he knew the droids he might have to indulge other information 3: Yeah i got nothing on yoda OT: To me its the making that bad guys seem overly evil to the point of just...
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    Which video game franchise do you think has the least pleasant fanbase?

    Wow Raiders, The most elitist nutjobs ever, And only because they want Shinies and nothing more.