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    Lucy Goosey

    I'm sorry you feel that way. However, you do realise that by dropping a supposed Nazi parallel into an astoundingly diverse group of people, (some good, some less good, most just getting by) you are deliberately going after an emotional or hostile response - or trolling, to put it another way...
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    Why Tina of Bob's Burgers Can't Be Ignored

    Did anybody else get the feeling that in True Detective the fact that Audrey was engaging in a threesome said less about her and more about the way in which Hart viewed girls who have threesomes? Audrey is repeatedly told by her parents that something must be worng with her, or with the...
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    The Big Picture: You Are Wrong About Sucker Punch, Part Two

    Clearly you have yet to play Spec Ops: The Line. I'd suggest it if you think that you can't critically annihilate something by aping it.
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    Spec Ops: The Line - A poem???

    I'm not even sure if this one's suitable for gaming boards, but I just felt like writing something about the way The Line made me feel as somebody who used to draw a measure of pride from having the last name 'Warman'. If you haven't played it, do, as long as you're in a secure place in your...
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    The R Word

    Perhaps some things shouldn't be joked about? You don't go about on the street calling your friends 'N***ers' now do you? Just because you're anonymous you think it's fine, well guess what: IT'S NOT FINE. NOT EVEN CLOSE. This is not about 'taking offence' - offence may be taken with...
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    The R Word

    Fantastic article. I will think more carefully about what comes out of my mouth. I hope you find a way to heal (or deal with) the 'limp' as you already seem to be doing. All the best, and good luck!
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    What do you think separates humans from other animals?

    Not really. They just remain relatively large without retaining the size the attained during a lactation. Sure, they can keep working if demand continues, but that's no different from a dairy cow...
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    What do you think separates humans from other animals?

    Those and cetaceans. Whale song goes through trends - picked up, remixed and sent round the world - distinctly badass. In a more general reply to the thread, I think there's less of a difference than we'd like to think. It comes down to opposable thumbs, a very useful larynx and a few million...
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    So I Just Got a Cat...

    Basically what skullkid said, as she's 3 months old it'll take her a little longer to get used to stuff, but rest assured, she will. Just take a book or something quiet into a room containing her and just chill with her for a while. If she's never worn a collar before she may well try to get it...
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    Miracle of Sound: Brothers Of The Creed (Assassin's Creed)

    Great video - I'm a big fan of AC - Love what you've done with the place =P
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    Extra Punctuation: Hating Warhammer 40k and Space Marine

    Seriously? Do you only play games that have a 90% congruence to reality or something? I actually rather enjoy the biblical parallels implicit in the Horus Heresy, the sheer glorious bombast of all of it, and the Eldar... Love them pointy-ears =)
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    Panda Poop May Solve World Energy Crisis

    I'll take that bet - and hopefully your money =D
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    Panda Poop May Solve World Energy Crisis

    Yes, Pandas are hugely endangered. No, there aren't enough of them to make their existence an industrial process. BUT SO WHAT? This isn't about Pandas, it's about the microbes in their poo. You can culture bacterial species en masse in vats. Nobody will (pardon the incoming pun) give a shit any...
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    Square Enix Dusts Off Final Fantasy X for PS3 Remake

    Pretty much this - I actually loved X - and somewhat against my better judgement, X-2. Tidus was exceedingly irritating, but actually, that kinda made him more genuine for me, and the central romance (surely the point of the whole game) really struck a chord I liked the sound of. I liked the art...
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    Crafter Crafts Minecraft Within Minecraft

    You sir, win the thread (for me at least) =D