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    Two quick questions

    I feel the same way with Arcanum. It would fit RIGHT in under Bethesda, first/third person with followers and the like. Hell, now I'm wondering if there is a way to mod a copy of FO3 or NV so it's a redo of Arcanum... How is a reboot different from a modern sequel (other than in game...
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    Favorite Civ in the Civ Series?

    In Civ 4 either Native Americians (with Stonehedge) or Korea. The Turtles or the nerds. In Civ 5 Indonesia for the early game exploration bonus (especially in fractal or archipelago maps)
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    Games You Had to Force Yourself to Finish

    All the Dead Space games. The world was wonderful, the asthetics, the weapons, the fact you had to think about where you shoot. Pity the pacing was terrible, the characters wooden, and the story rushed yet over long
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    Recommend me an anime(that isn't about kids in high school.)

    Asked this question to my regular anime board after a few years away, but also threw in the caveats that it had to have roughly equal gender ratios and not be as depressing as my love life. For thier answers follow the link [], but i...
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    Superpower Lottery - Making Money

    Chaos Embodiment [] The user is able to embody chaos itself. They are thus unpredictable and uncontrollable and can cause others to become disorderly and disorganized ... have people pay me to stay away?
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    Space Opera Anime

    If you want the definative anime space opera I suggest Legend of Galactic Heroes, 110 episodes 6 movies and hundreds of characters. Its old (it started in 1988) but it has a detailed world, well written characters with understandable motivations and continuous well put together plot. It's not...
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    Is there a game that you were just determined to finish?

    Morrowind, and Oblivion to a lesser extent. Biggest problem at the moment is getting restarted, as Morrowinds learning and difficulty curve is like a cliff, especially compared to Skyrim. Then there is the Pokemons and half a dozen GBDS games I haven't picked up for an age. Also still plodding...
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    Would you like the next Elder Scrolls game to focus on Elsewyr or Black Marsh?

    I could see the appeal of both, Elseweyr for the variety of landscapes and the plains and deserts are going to be kinder on my aging PC, but the Black Marsh has a richer backstory to play with. If I had to choose I'd go with Elseweyr. There is potential with siding with or against the Thalmor...
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    Great games you've never completed

    Oh one of the lists of shame- Pick a GTA game (except Vice city). All for different reasons, computer death in GTA 3, playing on a PC so flying is too fiddly in San Andreas, Niko's Cousin in GTA 4. Arcanum- it's huge, long and buggy as all hell, love the world, setting, style, some of the...
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    Dragon Age - Why so much hate for Anora?

    While I don't hate her, I can see why people do. and she is often rude
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    What is your gamer stereotype breaking hobby?

    I collect historical cartoons (mainly Giles [] but also Punch etc), [url=] quiaches [url] and I am a supply teacher.
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    Poll: The Elder Scrolls VI: what do you want?

    SajuukKhar & Politeia play nice or I'm sending you both to bed with no sweetrolls. While I agree that all 17 plus Khajiit species is highly optimisitic if they keep the engine (and don't spend a lot of time upgrading it) the chances of a few more subspecies increases. Also if the set the next...
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    Poll: The Elder Scrolls VI: what do you want?

    I wonder how many of you are playing on console, as a lot of the requests are availbile through mods (realistic needs and diseases, lore friendly and unfriendly armour, more armour slots and more weapons than you can shake a pointy stick at). As for the next game I'hope they aren't completely...
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    Poll: The Elder Scrolls VI: what do you want?

    I've sunk over 1100 hrs into Skyrim and while I'm still discovering things and enjoying all the modding community has to offer, but my mind turns to the future and what comes next. Will Bethesda make the next TES game with a new engine for the next gen of consoles (and PC) incorporating all the...
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    Best and Most Terrifying Sci-fi Antagonist "Group"

    I see your grey goo and raise you the Phalanx [], a sentient grey goo virus. Another 'good' one is the Yuuzhan Vong []who are religious zealots that genetically engineer and grow all of their technology...