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    Poll: Anybody going to see the "Wall?"

    Is anybody else excited about Rodger Water's "Wall" tour? I think this could be huge. No matter how you feel about Pink Floyd's breakup, this could be huge. Anybody got spare tickets!
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    How Do We Break It To The Mom?

    If you suffer from depression maybe now is not the right time to start a new relationship anyways. Take some time and figure out what you need instead of worring about how to please others (Familys!). Otherwise, you are just setting yourself up for more hurt.
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    Best. Movie. Ever.

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    Bad Neighbors.

    Considering I did yell out my window at the cops, they were pretty cool about it.
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    Bad Neighbors.

    It totally isn't. But I live in a condo and when they first moved in they tore down a fence that divided their porch from mine. If I can just get them to rebuild that fence I will be sated.
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    Bad Neighbors.

    Last night I was playing the 360 with you guys till... What? about 1am your time? maybe??? Anyway, that was about 11pm my time. After that I was online and listening to music. For the most part being quite quiet. Then the banging started. BOOM BOOM BOOM at my door. It's like 1 am...
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    Pork Pie.
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    Has South Park lost 'it'?

    I think that this new season is better than the last few. How could you stop liking a cartoon? I want you to smoke some ciggies and eat some cereal and think to yourself: "There you are Peter!" Just because you are getting older doesn't mean you get to dislike shows that helped you grow.
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    Poll: Bath or Shower?

    I like to shower right before I take a bath.
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    Boondock Saints II = Welcome Failure

    Yea. DVD sales will make up for it though. I'll buy it. That's about $20 more already.
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    is space infinate?

    I was trying to be PC I was trying to be PC! LOL
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    is space infinate?

    Of course not! At the edge of the universe there is another universe filled with versions of ourselves as we would appear in the old west. [edit] I swear the post above mine wasn't there when I started typing!
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    Why so much Aggression on Xbox Live?

    Come on, really? Why do people scream and yell at people over LIVE? Because they sit and play the same game over and over again filling themselves with junk food and have no physical outlet other than the movement of their mouths. You would be upset with the world too if nobody praised...
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    December 21st, 2012

    The people who are sure that nothing will happen will not be prepared and will become mutants that prey on each other.
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    Poll: What is your favorite type of cookie?

    White chocolate macadamia! Oh, and those ones that are black with white chocolate chips in them from Subway. I also used to get good black ones with powdered sugar on them. Live a little!