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    Poll: Loud Typing

    I use a mechanical mx cherry blue keyboard so when I hit the keys lightly it sounds really loud and I love it. If you don't know what a mechanical keyboard is look it up.
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    Poll: According to my peers, PC gaming is inferior to consoles.

    Glorious PC Master race reporting in!
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    Is piracy bad when you don't have a choice ?

    buying software is for tools.. I get such a feeling of satifaction when I iligaly get something online :D
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    Poll: Would you like a beer?

    Ill take 20.
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    What game did you play the most during your childhood

    Hmm...combo of age of empires II, pokemon crystal, and hype the time quest
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    What do you consider to be your "racial ability"?

    Being Canadian I can...uh... tame beavers and uh...spawn maple leaf trees..
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    Rated "A" Games

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    Rated "A" Games

    ESRB rates games with adult content "A"...I Have never actually seen a rated A game in stores or even heared of them online. Do they still make rated "A" games? do they even exist? If so are there any notable rated A titles you could share?
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    What if you suddenly changed sex?

    I would definitly see what masterbation is like as a women, and then go lesbian.
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    How do you deal with loading times?

    I check my face book.
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    Hype: The Time Quest

    It was the greatest game ever in my opionion ( probley cuz it was one of my first games that i played and i was 6 lol)
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    Hype: The Time Quest

    Sweet I'm not the only one out there, what is your opinion on that game? :S
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    Hype: The Time Quest

    Anyone here ever heared of a magical game called "Hype: The Time quest"? It came out sometime in 1999 and it is very close to my heart. It was by Ubisoft, anyone ever heared of it?
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    Poll: Can sonic ever make a comeback??

    Refer to the zero punctuation review on sonic unleashed...that is how I feel about it.
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    Poll: Do you read a lot?

    I never read books other than for school, but I read lots of internet articles.