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    LoadingReadyRun: RapidFire 3, Episode 1

    Fuck Yes.
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    LoadingReadyRun: In Death as in Life

    TIM! Its a wild Tim script everybody! That hair was pretty ridiculous though was expecting something more outlandish.
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    Feed Dump: Reindeer Pâté

    The only way that could have been more win would have been with the seizure chicken. Also wondering what the hell Matt's done to his hair.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Santa and Me

    Nice little bit of seasonal solo work from G☆.
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    Feed Dump: Rats & Cats & Dead Moms

    Love that hack writer porkpie, James. Wonder if its got that authentic greasy feel to it.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Formal Complaint

    It's the "I'd like to see you write a new sketch every week", line that really sells it for me. Rapier wit there. Why do I prefer the ones that pass quietly to the big punchlines?
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    Feed Dump: Frosty Cardboard Marmite

    Harry clearly values his privacy enough to dislike being credited by his first name. Due to all the touching, perhaps.
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    LoadingReadyRun: The Tale of Matt Wiggins

    Awesome 64K is awesome. Whale Dong, guys. Though yes, ball slightly dropped with a missing gratuitous Africa! Next week, Kathlink Vs. Wubbindorf, perhaps?
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    Feed Dump: Santa Drugs

    Bloody double post.
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    Feed Dump: Santa Drugs

    Probably for the best that Kathleen swapped out for James. Hardened music nerds and Nickleback in close proximity is bad times.
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    Unskippable: Mortal Kombat

    Urgh, Christopher Lambert.
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    Unskippable: Space Marine

    Be fair, MSN is a pretty grim dark future. Wonder what that makes an AIM future, though.
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    Feed Dump: Soldiers of Fortune

    This episode of Feed Dump was apparently brought to us by the planking council. From certain angles, Jer appears to be humping the floor for added creep factor. A very old school Whatever Thing style episode. Ent!
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    Feed Dump: Toe Suckin' and Cat Screamin'

    Oh God, so many hats. Folks, we may have passed the event horizon on this one. Bloody good thing I invested right. Also, doesn't Paul realise that the last thing you'd wanna do is antagonise the chickens?
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    Zero Punctuation: Dead Island

    "Lathe spooner." Hee hee.