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    Zero Punctuation: Soul Calibur IV

    FINALY SOMEONE GOT THE SPELLING RIGHT!!!! great video as per usual and i found the "technical difficulties" screen quite amusing
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    Zero Punctuation: Webcomics

    I have just read some of the TEN PAGES of CAD bashing and CAD supporting and the combination of the two polar opposites in such close proximity have left me slightly dizzy. I have seen excellent arguments from both sides and it is interesting to see such a variety of well crafted arguments as...
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    Zero Punctuation: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Mindless hate is the same as mindless love. I enjoy watching these videos because they understand this and any good or bad comment about a game is well thought out and backed up. I was dissapointed when i saw this video not because of the cracks at fanboys or the negative review (i've come to...