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    D-D-D-Danger! Watch Behind You

    ....and now I've got the Ducktales theme tune stuck in my head. Possibly forevermore. Damn you!!! I fear for what became of Huey, Dewie and Louis with role models like Scrooge (a greedy, selfish git) and Donald (frequently short tempered, aggressive and violent)... Those pool lil ducklings!
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    Poll: What do you know about Wales?

    I know a fair bit. Grew up on the Wirral, spent a lot of time sailing in north wales/anglesey, went to UWA, (who, despite me studying modern european languages, refused to let me study welsh... no wonder it's in decline!!!) and spent a lot of time working throughout the country. Oh, and it's...
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    So how do you feel about Margaret Thatcher's death

    My Grandad died of a stroke just before Christmas, in hospital, surrounded by pretty much the entire family. "That woman" (as she's being referred to by most of said family above my age!) dies in a hotel room, surrounded by paid aides, staff etc. Says a lot about her, really. Yes, she's dead...
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    PS3 Disc not working

    Firstly, apologies if this should be elsewhere in the forums... But here goes nothin'!! Looking for a bit of help/advice as my Mass Effect 3 disc stopped reading/working on saturday. Bit annoying, as I'm about halfway through the game, and eager to continue (even though it's not my first...
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    Poll: Mixed Gender Showers

    Doesn't bother me, (providing there are individual cubicles!) I wouldn't be keen on an open plan bathroom, even if it was gender specific though.
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    Poll: Is it [wrong] to name a child after a [video game character]?

    I'm not keen on naming any potential child of mine "after" anyone, real or otherwise... That's nothing... I used to work with a GIRL called Sephiroth. Commonly known as "Eddie" (although accompanying her to hospital in france and the staff there convinced i was insane and/or that was her...
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    Ubisoft Officially Announces Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

    Oh for crying out loud Ubi. REALLY?! Hated the lack of ANY free-running in AC3, and the boat-based bit were boring at best, and bloody irritating in the main. Would far rather have had a fully haytham-based game instead of what AC3 turned into, that would have been brilliant. Doubt very...
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    Glee Airs Performance of Jonathan Coulton's "Baby Got Back"

    Surely it's FOX, or Glee's musical director(s?) and/or producers fault, not so much the cast?
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    City Becomes Interactive Gaming Experience

    Best. Response. Ever. Sounds like a fun idea, but being able to talk to letterboxes doesn't make me want to visit Bristol...
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    The Keys to Any Fictional Vehicle

    TARDIS, or Ragnarok from FFVIII.
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    Deep Silver Apologizes for Mutilated Dead Island Torso

    Actually, a 92 year old has every right to buy the game, if they so choose. I wonder how much of the alleged raging (this is the first I've heard of it) is coming from the unable-to-either-understand-ratings or unable-to-say-no-to-their-bratty-offspring type parents so often encountered in...
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    Piers Morgan VS. Alex Jones :guns

    America, I don't ask you for much, but please don't send him back.... do whatever you like with him (shoot him, for all I care) but we don't want the obnoxious little twunt either!!
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    Poll: Your opinion on School Uniforms.

    Yes. Went to a fairly strict all-girls school, which had a smart navy, white and maroon coloured uniform (blazer, jumper/cardigan, shirt & tie or blouse, skirt. No more than 2" heels on shoes, skirts had to be at least knee-length, hair and make-up had to be "natural" and you were only allowed...