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    Unskippable: Metal Wolf Chaos - Mecha Commander-In-Chief

    ive heard people saying that, what happened? im still watching his stuff and i have'nt noticed a change could u enlighten me as to what happened?
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    Unskippable: Metal Wolf Chaos - Mecha Commander-In-Chief

    oh how the mighty have fallen, loosing bob, now loosing the LRR crew... too bad...
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    No Right Answer: Attack on Attack on Titan

    damn beat me to it :D
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    Escape to the Movies: Leprechaun: Origins - Fool's Gold

    this felt more like a big picture than an escape to the movies... actually please do a big picture about the leprechaun movies :)
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    Poll: Spoilers: Walking Dead Season 2 - Your Clementine

    i chose to kill kenny, figured that even if i let him kill jane, he wont be able to live with himself and without the baby so might as well save him the suffering and also save jane, who was presumably innocent (after all you try to save a baby in that shitstorm) but when i heard the baby cry i...
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    No Right Answer: Best Cult Classic Ever - From Evil Dead to Rocky Horror

    ive watched evil dead, it was awfully boring, im gonna force myself to watch the sequels but im gonna give it the benefit of the doubt...
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    The Big Picture: E3-mageddon: Crossover

    soooo you made a crossover with yourself?... hmmm...
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    The Big Picture: She-Hulk Shaming

    why are people angry about antman? did i miss something?
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    Unskippable: Time & Eternity, Part 1

    who actually plays these kinds of games??? seriously also ironic captcha "broken heart"... foreshadowing?
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    Feed Dump: Butt Stuff Surprise

    well we all have (a) crack in our but
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    The Big Picture: Best Defense

    damn well i guess i should start figuring out how netflix works :P
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    LoadingReadyRun: Poképroblem

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    Escape to the Movies: Thor: The Dark World

    holy cow i loved this movie, its not as good as the avengers and i did like captain america's theme better but as action and fun goes its easilly the second best in the siries (after avengers) and the after credits scene? i was squeeing like a litlle girl, my non comic reading friends thought i...
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    Telltale Teases Big Walking Dead Season Two News

    oh man! finally! cant wait!!1