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    Terrible dating advice

    Okay sorry to single you out, but what if I'm not? I'm in university, fifth year in a faculty that is about 80% guys, and I'm a straight dude myself, so yeah. Classes are small, I work with the same people every day, no girls around that I'm into. Well, except for one but I'm pretty sure she's...
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    What are you listening to Escapists? (June 2015 Edition)

    Metal that's not core metal. Cough cough.
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    Valve Addresses Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Hitbox Issues

    Yeah, have to agree with you here, it's kinda funny how people are coming out saying the whole game is broken or something. Last time I checked most people were playing just fine. Yeah dude, sorry to hear about your experience with CS, but that shit happens. It's not CoD where you just click...
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    Unconventionally attractive characters in video games

    Nobody else replied to this, so I thought I had to just to say that I thought it was funny. Uhh, how do I contribute to the thread... SR2 Shaundi before her ridiculous SR3 remake? Maybe not unconventionally attractive though. Really struggling to come up with something, usually I'm better at...
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    For those who have been in an interacial relationship.

    I know I was already beat to it, but... uh... maybe all was a strong word.
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    So Bloodborne

    I think this pretty much sums up Bloodborne. Remember how much of a push there was for DS1 on PC? I guess FROM doesn't.
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    Improving Dragon Age: Inquisition?

    One word: combat. It feels so lifeless in DAI. I love DAO to pieces, was super pumped about DAI, and I only got about 5 hours into it before I quit, never finished even the second area. The combat is so boring and non-strategical now, all you do is hold the attack button and use abilities...
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    Forgotten Gems Of Gaming.

    You called? At least they're named from the game, so it's "relevant"?
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    Post any song you want

    Argh, did you have to make the comparison with Amon Amarth, a band I actually like? I will refrain from further comment on your choice in music though. I think we are just on two different pages, haha. How about this?
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    Post any song you want

    Uhh, I don't mean to be rude, but... were you being serious? I mean, you can like whatever you want, but my first thought when I saw your post was that it was a troll. Anyways, this is my current favourite song.
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    Poll: Fallout 3 opinion Research ( Please come and answer this)

    I voted it as great... on PC. I originally played in on 360, and it was pretty fun. When it first came out, it was a huge deal, a great game. It hasn't aged that well though as others have mentioned. Which is why playing it again on PC - with mods - made it a great game again. Seriously, mods...
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    Are you single or not ?

    Wouldn't it have been easier to include a poll with this thread so that you don't have to read through every post for a thread about a yes or no question? Anyways, single, virgin, depressed. Whoooo. Captcha: I'm so cold. Yes captcha, yes I am.
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    Sexy Sex and You

    Man it's depressing to read this thread and see how much sex most people here have had. I see some people complaining about how they've only had 2 or 3 partners in their life, I would love to be in their position... Anyone can guess what's coming next, but I've never had sex, never even...
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    The PC Version of Dark Souls 2 is lazy as hell

    I agree with the OP, I cannot believe how bad the PC port of DS2 is. Just like they said, it was lazy as hell, they even delayed the PC release for an extra month after consoles... what were they doing during that time? Because they sure as hell weren't making the PC version better. IMO DS2 was...
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    Xbox Originals Launching This June

    I read "Xbox Originals" as in "Titles from the Original Xbox". Like others have said, I was soon disappointed.