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    Do you eavesdrop?

    No conversation is safe from me; I will always eavesdrop whenever I can. Then again, I am a compulsive people watcher. I just find people so intriguing and the things that you hear sometimes are really quite amazing.
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    MOBAs and obsession over play hours.

    This is just another reason why I hate and refuse to play MOBAs...
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    IPs you'd love to see turned into MMOs.

    I'd love to see a successful cyberpunk MMO as I would love to RP in one with other people. However, in terms of game-play, I prefer single player RPGs. I have strong opinions and preferences when it comes to on-line gaming.
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    Poll: You find 40 thousand dollars ?

    I would keep it and wait. If no problems follow up after waiting for quite a while (a few years or so), then I would probably invest and save.
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    Rare stuff you own

    Er... Probably the CD versions of the original Sierra Half Life set. That or my signed Epica album, I don't own any really rare stuff :(
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    What was the first game you adored?

    Final Fantasy VII, shortly followed by Half Life. My god those games were amazing.
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    Alright kids, weigh in. What is the best RPG yet made?

    KotOR, or KotOR 2. Well, either those or Mass Effect (not 2, I preferred 1, but both were great. Dragon Age Origins was damn good, but my shooter instincts made me prefer Mass Effect, and KotOR has a better story (by far...) I'm not a Bioware fanboy...
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    "Girl Gamer Syndrome"

    I know plenty of girls who play video games. Most of them will admit that their girls when the topic comes up, but otherwise they stay gender anonymous. One of them stays gender anonymous even if the topic comes up :P
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    Poll: How do you sleep?

    I'm an insomniac (well, for the past few months at least), so I sleep however I can!
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    Poll: Would you enjoy the universe if it turned into an anime?

    My job would be a tough one, so many people fighting means a lot of injuries to treat! Oh, and I don't fancy being kidnapped :| (My badge from that quiz is showing, I actually did it a while ago. If you can't see it, I got the White Magic Girl: You're pure-hearted, cheerful and innocent, and...
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    Poll: High School was...

    It started bad, and just got worse. So glad I'm out now.
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    Poll: Would you change your sexual orientation, if your sex was changed?

    If I were being changed to be biologically female, I'd also want to go the whole way and change sexual orientation as well. Straight now, would want to continue being straight. And plus, ignorance is bliss, the alien is changing what you're attracted to, so you'd be attracted to it, it...
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    Poll: Left 4 Dead or Left 4 Dead 2?

    I prefer left 4 dead 2, now that it basically includes everything in the first game. Voted Killing Floor though. That game is better than both :P
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    English Breakfast!

    I really really want an English breakfast now... TO THE SUPERMARKET!