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    Poll: Is this fair? a question of creepy porn

    I understand your point of view, honestly I do. But I think we need to be careful with this kind of thinking. Is not owning a game in which you kill people only one step away from doing it yourself? ... If fiction is a crime then I say the victim should set the punishment. ...exactly.
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    Wait... he's being serious!

    Okay y'all, this stuff is just downright scary!!! I clicked most of the links in this thread thinking "Oh, it can't be that bad...they (the OP et al) are probably just over-reacting". Holy cow was I wrong...this is some scary stuff y'all. Sites like these make me think bad thoughts. At...
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    Alt+Escape: Today I Die

    I don't get it.
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    Poll: Your very own special attack...

    I have hair-of-ensnaring! It's similar to the D&D "web" spell. I fling my head in your direction and my incredibly long and curly hair flies towards you and entangles you in bouncy curls and spring-time freshness. Of course, you're attached to my head now, but you're completely helpless! Mwa...
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    Poll: mood

    Pessimists are seldom disappointed.
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    Poll: Driving games- Do people like them

    I suppose there are two sides to this "racing game" coin. Personally I prefer the racing sim.* I like learning a track, memorizing the turns, figuring out how fast I can go into them, when I can brake late and dive deep. I enjoy refining my line over dozens of laps and then waxing the...
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    Public Speaking

    You've gotten a lot of good advice here and I sincerely hope it helps you. I'm in a similar situation and must give the "final presentation" for a class tomorrow morning. So this topic of public speaking has been much on my mind of late. Please allow me to share what I've learned and build...
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    Whats Your Favorite Game of All Time and Your Favorite System of all time

    You must be reading my mind because that's exactly what I was going to say. I think the PC is the ultimate gaming console.
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    Poll: Can suicide be rational?

    Yes. Terminal cancer patient. Chronic pain sufferer. Dementia patient. There are times when suicide is the best option...possibly even noble.
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    Things that make you cry, guaranteed.

    Beethoven's 9th Symphony, 4th movement - Ode to Joy. I firmly believe this is the best piece of music ever constructed. I love the music and know the lyrics (phonetically) in German. But I can't make it through the first verse without crying.
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    Your View on Vista

    If I'm not mistaken Microsoft has said they will no longer develop Vista in favor of developing it's successor, Windows 7. In other words, even Microsoft is working hard to put Vista behind them. So there *is* an alternative coming down the pike.
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    Your View on Vista

    1. Hardware incompatibility (I'll stop there) I'm curious as to how many Vista users installed the operating system themselves. More to the point, I'm guessing that most of the people who say they have no problem with Vista also bought their computers with Vista pre-installed. Again, I...
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    your best joke

    I saw it coming, but I really like that will my wife! ------ I'll give you my favorite "bad" joke. And don't blame me, I stole it from Monty Python... What's brown and sounds like a bell?
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    Relationship problem

    I wouldn't give up on her or yourself just yet...sounds like y'all are a great match. I know it's easier said than done but try to worry about the pauses less and focus on making the conversation you do have more meaningful and rich! I like Gladion's suggestion of preparing some topics before...
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    Things in movies that you find loathsome?

    Physics! When the guy with a gun (let's say a .357) shoots the other guy and the victim goes flying 17 feet through the air. It just doesn't work that way...and you see it happen over and over! ...even after the Myth Busters movie episode. I'll second that! Why is it that (almost) every...