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    People who make death threats on the internet should go to jail?

    Totally this. although, it's not because people are just now taking them seriously, it's because the normal population has now started using the web and arn't obeying the social rules, there needs to be some pamphlet or a mandatory introductory video people have to read/watch before they can...
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    Zero Punctuation: Sniper Elite V2

    yay for the accurate representation of the welsh! only a minor issue though, all our world war 2 era tanks have sheep's wool covering them so we can hide them in fields near our borders. It will soon be our land!!
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    Steam Christmas gifts. What did you get?

    Copy of Half Life 2: Episode 1 and the deathmatch/loast coast, 4 pieces of coal and 25% off Dead island Friends gave me Star Wars Empires at war and L4D and L4D2 which was a really nice suprise
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    What is your PURPOSE of life?

    my purpose in life? play video games, duh.
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    Capes in Skyrim

    Nightingale Armour from the thieves guild quest line does
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    If I were to buy a psp, what three games would you reccomend?

    While it's sort of counter productive, i'd say to not bother wasting your money on it. Put your money towards... well at the very least a PS Vita. Personally I can't stand the whole concept of a touch screen (especially with how it's used in dynasty warriors but that's a different topic). The...
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    Your home town's claim to fame

    Merthyr Tydfil, in the top 5 worst places to live in britain
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    Beast races and you

    Skyrim is home of the nords, who display a lot of contempt for the other races. While I agree that not all races are getting enough screentime, they'll get theirs when it's their homeland that the next game is based in. Having DLC focus on a certain race strikes me as a bad idea though, I...
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    Found it while at my workplace's Christmas do, damn I want it back bad.
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    Poll: Next step in body modding, Laser eye-colour changing.

    I'd change my eye laser beam colour from red to a darker colour, maybe brown? at least then I can be more stealthy when i'm firing my lasers.
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    Why I think GTA V will be a PS3 exclusive.

    There is not a chance in the world this will be exclusive to the PS3. Rockstar would take a pounding reputation wise and they would be limited their profit. I'd refuse to buy it if it was, then again I refuse to buy a PS3 either so that's by the by. Atleast there's saints row 3 :P
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    Study: Don't Use Wi-Fi Near Your Junk router is just underneath my chair.... curses..
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    Poll: Should "Black Friday" price reductions be outlawed?

    ...... should a time when everything is ridiculously cheap be banned? no you silly fool! People just need to stop being so dumb. it's a time to showcase what humanity is really like. There's something cheap over there I MUST KILL EVERYONE IN MY PATH TO THIS. Actually... sounds like a...
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    Poll: Skyrim; Empire or. Rebels?

    From the story line point of view,the empire tried to kill me. If you need any other reason to become a rebel it's that.
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    Poll: Picketing the Future Funeral of Fred Phelps (Leader of the Westboro Baptist Church)

    Picket? naaaah man, what you need to do is to get someone to dress up as Satan and run around at the back of the service cackling. Or better yet this guy: