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    PS3 "Other OS" Removal Case Thrown Out by Judge

    It's shit like this, Sony... Does this apply to Europe too or would that be a separate legal case?
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    British Politician Calls for Parliamentary Debate on Videogames This is relevant and hilarious.
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    Jak and Daxter in HD

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the Jak & Daxter games. But I can't understand why people are so eager to (in my opinion) waste money on a HD port. I can understand buying a remake, where the game has new content (e.g. Super Mario Bros. Deluxe - awesome game) or maybe even a handheld port of a...
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    EA Changes Origin Terms of Services, Forbids Class Action Lawsuits

    I suddenly feel inclinded to sign up with Origin. Oh wait, no. No I don't. Thanks for pointing this out though I suppose- I doubt anyone would ever notice it in the ToS.
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    Free Portal 2 DLC Arriving Mid-September

    Oh you Valve. ;) At least it's on it's way- until then I have my newly acquired love for L4D2 to keep me occupied.
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    Nintendo Keen To Join Lucrative DLC Biz

    Extra characters for Smash Bros and items for animal crossing would work. For things like traditional Mario/Zelda games I think free patches with new features rather than content per se would work better. For example adding things like time trial modes, boss rush modes or just plain old bug...
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    Ubisoft Says Always-On DRM, "A Success"

    *drum roll* "...and the derp of the year award goes to..."
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    Microsoft: We Lost Our Way With Recent Halo Games

    I like how the head of MS studios (the publisher) apparently knows what Halo is about better than Bungie (the original developers)... ...and for the record, Halo Reach was the best game of the series and just because you are including Master Chief doesn't necessarily make for a good game...
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    Critical Miss: The Sega Guide

    B-B-B-BURN! :P I like the little *douchebaggery* in the corner.
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    New Nintendo Console "Confirmed" for E3

    Oooh. Colour me intrigued.
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    Activision: We're Still the Same Fun Bunch of Guys

    IT BURNS! D:
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    Peter Jackson Sends Video Blog Back from Middle Earth

    Wow. That was awesome. I hope these release regularly.
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    Anonymous Says It's Not Finished With Sony

    I can't help feeling that they over-dramatised it a tad. I don't see how they expect people to take them seriously when that video played out like it advertising a blockbuster movie. "THIS SUMMER... Prepare for the biggest attack you have ever witnessed... ANONYMOUS STYLE!"
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    Sega Puts a Stop to Streets of Rage Fan Game

    Couldn't agree more.