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    Zero Punctuation: Resident Evil 4

    Well, let me fix the last part: Resident Evil Gaiden is one of the most overlooked RE experiences, everyone throws the word 'underrated' whenever Code Veronica, 3D Mercenaries or Zero is mentioned, but Gaiden is better, horror game on a handheld notwithstanding. It also did the whole survivor on...
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    Let's talk about "Edge"

    I didn't want to say maturity, because that's the difference between Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, it's more in the sense of pushing that PG rating. Edge is just a word that became too much associated with being edgy.
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    Let's talk about "Edge"

    Let's face it, shielding young people from age-innapropriate media is a lost cause. Even if you somehow managed to control what comes out of the TV, the internet, the games and movies the kids can buy, it's all for naught when they probably go to schools and meet other people who will tingle...
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    Zero Punctuation: Detroit: Become Human

    I'm watching the Best Friends play the game, because I knew for a fact when they get to the part with the bus and the Androids in the back it would be hilarious. My favorite moment so far is the Maid Android getting in front of the TV while she cleans the house, and when she gets yelled at...
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    Zero Punctuation: Hunt Down the Freeman

    First off Yahtzee, it has been about a month Into The Breach released, strategy game by FTL developers. Second off, I've elaborated a theory about what Yahtzee said: X Franchise/Studio goes stagnant -> X Franchise releases new game that slightly releases the strings and thinks outside the box...
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    Why are today's cartoons more lighthearted?

    The cartoons that are made are a product of the people who made them, hence why Regular Show and Teen Titans Go! casually reference to 80's stuff like VHS or Master Systems like they never went out of style. To get into a network I assume these people must be 25+, so the people in charge are...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Inpatient and Doom VFR

    In his review of the game, he said he would call it Deum to distinguish it from the classic game of the same name.
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    Zero Punctuation: Top 5 of 2017

    I believe RE1 still holds up as an adventure game with atmosphere, RE4 is awesome in ways I can't describe in a sentence, and the others fall in between the two, but RE5 and RE6 did not click for me, and as someone who played 0, that's saying a lot. I don't know, I had a friend who followed...
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    Zero Punctuation: Top 5 of 2017

    My reactions to the list: Top Five Yup, hell just froze over, Persona 5 a JRPG on the list as test to Atlus and their suberb writing. Just remember that this is the game that was the selling point of the Switch, so congrats on BoTW for being the first game on a Yahtzee list. I am...
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    Zero Punctuation: Sonic Forces

    There's a reason for that, in 2014, when the accusations started to surface he went on a take down rampage, eliminating his deviantart, his YouTube channel, Fireball20XL, the webcomic site and Tumblr filled with his history. Now he changed his persona, now he is BitPolar and on Twitter the...
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    Zero Punctuation: Sonic Forces

    For months I looked up the internet and I think I finally found the one person responsible for the image problem of the Sonic fandom: Bryon Beaubien (aka PsyGuy), a guy that during the 2000's had a Deviantart account and a site dedicated to Sonic webcomics. And he recently had to leave the...
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    Zero Punctuation: Super Mario Odyssey

    About the last part, well, you tell me maker of Hatfall - 'The best hat putting simulator ever made', it has been two years, enough time for a game to made using that, which is weird because it has been 3 for Shadows of War and no other game has the Nemesis System.
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    Zero Punctuation: Evil Within 2

    For anybody feeling a deja vu, yes Yahtzee called it a few years ago: You can even see this in the new Dead Rising, that new girl whom has a master-student relationship with...
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    Zero Punctuation: Knack 2 and Steamworld Dig 2

    To put the experiences of these games into song form: Steamworld Dig 2 - "And she's by... the Stairway... to Heaven" Knack 2 - "All in all it's just a-nother brick in the wall."
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    Zero Punctuation: Metroid: Samus Returns

    I can't help but laugh a little whenever I remember Yahtzee got (and by that I mean was forced to get) a 3DS day one and made a full review of it, yet in the Gravity Rush re-release on PS4 last year, he revealed he never got a PSVita nor he intends to. That was the prophetic sign of things to...