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    That Moment You Realised You're Old

    When Toonami was canceled. Fuck Cartoonnetwork.
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    Poll: Are you an internet troll?

    No, but I've got a friend who is and occasionally will explain to me the "Art of Trolling." It's actually quite amazing how much effort trolls put into annoying people. It's actually much more complex than one would think.
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    If you could have the completed version any game coming out in 2011 what would it be?

    I'd say Dragon Age II, but that's coming out in two weeks, so I can wait. Mass Effect 3. Can't wait to see how Bioware finishes this series out.
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    Pokemon: Are you loyal to your starter type?

    I think all the new starters look stupid. The Grass one looks like a green banana peel, the water one looks like a snow cone, and the fire one just looks... stupid. I've never remained loyal to one type. I do remain loyal to starters from generation to generation, though, for the most part...
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    Hello America, one question. Why do you ruin all your best television shows?

    Trust me, The Simpsons is fairly good compared to what else is on right now. I mean, come on, does Seth Mc-Fuckin'-Farlane really need THREE shows? Especially when two are crap and the third is a spin-off that looks so terrible that I wouldn't want to watch more than five seconds of it at a...
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    Mirrors Edge2 Laid on Ice!

    Aww, I loved Mirror's Edge. It was a fresh take. Sure the combat was balls and the plot was negligible, but the free running was fantastic and gave you a thrill like no other. Not quite sure what they mean by "Didn't sell well enough", from what I heard it sold at least 1 million, if not 2...
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    Games, or Sequels, That You DEMAND To Be Made

    I feel like they have to do some sort of game based off of The Hunger Games. I don't know how it works, especially since the games are fairly slow paced and consist of about two dozen people, half of which are usually killed right at the beginning, but there has to be some way to do it. I am...
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    What was your first ever console and game?

    If we're talking any system, it would be the Windows '98, which came with a motocross game. Pretty fun. If we're excluding PC, it was the Gameboy Pocket and Pokemon Red. Lots of fun, between Blue, Red, and Yellow, all of which I played at some point, I must have beaten that game at least a...
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    Which game has the WORST story

    Mercenaries 2 certainly is up there... I personally hated the plot of the 2008 Prince of Persia game. While at first it just seemed mediocre, the ending was such an earth-shattering kick to the nuts that you honestly wanted to reach into the game and beat The Prince so bad that Nolan North...
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    Dead Space 1 just not scary?

    Dead Space suffers too much from continuously using jump scares to get you. Monster Closets, monsters coming out of walls, it's all really cheap scares and overall doesn't make the game very scary, especially with it being a third person game. Hell, the first flood level in Halo 1 was more scary...
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    The best book you've ever read.

    The Hunger Games by Susan Collins. It's a fantastic book filled with emotion that ties you to the main character extremely well. Not to mention that it leads into the best trilogy I've seen in my life, with tons of twists and turns that you won't expect. Or, to put it in better terms: When I...
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    Poll: Brian Robinson vs. Katniss Everdeen

    This has been something that has really been bouncing around in my head for a while so much that I really just need to get the opinions of others. If you don't know these characters, Brian Robinson is the main character in a series by Gary Paulsen, include Hatchet, The River, Brian's Winter...
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    Greatest TV show ever?

    Please note that most of my picks will be of animated variety, either anime or Cartoonnetwork (before it became shite), because that's how I roll. :P Animated: Yu Yu Hakusho - I love this show. It's simply everything I could want. Action, comedy, animation, story, interesting and likable...
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    Poll: Is It Wrong To Score Too Much?

    Honestly, what would make you feel worse? That you lost by more points than normal (Which won't be recorded, if it's even being recorded, as anything different if you lost by 1 opposed to 105?), or that the other team needed to take pity on you so as to not embarrass you? I say score as many...
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    Poll: Do you typically finish a game or get bored and play something else?

    Very rarely will I find a game that I'm unable to finish. Normally it's either because it's too difficult (Devil May Cry 3), or because it's just unbelievably boring (Final Fantasy XIII). Even Oblivion, a game that I personally didn't like much, I managed to push through to the end of. So...