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    Interactive Narrative Means Choosing How Invested You Really Want to Be

    There are also those games that would benefit from LESS gameplay. There were a lot of parts in The Walking Dead and The Witcher 3 that made me wish I could stop playing the game so I could get to the next story cutscene, though the "gameplay" in a sense is the choices the player gets to make.
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    Zero Punctuation: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

    I lost it at "It's hard to keep track."
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    Remaking Old Games is a Fool's Errand

    At least PC has the re-releasing games covered. I've been playing Final Fantasy IX over the past week for the first time, and while they kept a lot of the dated elements, they've added an autosave feature to lessen the frustration when a random enemy gets the jump on you, and there are handicap...
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    No Right Answer: Attack on Attack on Titan

    Alright, here are my anime recommendations: Death Note - a high school student finds a notebook that will kill anyone whose name is written in it. Proceeds to start ridding the world of criminals. Sgt. Frog - a kid's show about a squadron of alien frogs that try to take over the world (but...
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    Zero Punctuation: Sacred 3 - Nothing Is Sacred

    Sounds like another entry for the bottom five!
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    Zero Punctuation: E.T. - "The Worst Game Ever"

    "Boring" makes for a boring video. If a game is awesome, he can make jokes about how he punched a nun in the face because she asked for money, thereby distracting him from playing it. If the game is awful, we get a hilarious video about how stupid the plot gets and the wackiness that comes out...
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    Firefly Online Reunites Cast, Gameplay Revealed

    I do not see this game turning out well at all. As popular as Firefly is in nerd circles, there's no way it has a following large enough to sustain an MMO. Elder Scrolls is WAY bigger than Firefly, and look how ESO turned out.
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    Happy 7th Birthday to Zero Punctuation!

    I'm surprised Fallout 3 is his most-viewed video. I would have guessed Super Smash Bros Brawl, Metal Gear Solid 4, or Duke Nukem Forever. Personally, my favorite episode is the Prince of Persia retrospective, mainly because of this gem: "Never stick your dick in a pudding. It's probably still...
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    Zero Punctuation: EarthBound - Not Your Typical JRPG

    Good review, though what was funny was that when you had a big finger pointing to the title of the review, it wasn't pointing at Earthbound, it was pointing at the The Last of Us ad on the screen. Hah.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Purge: Anarchy - Original Idea Done Better

    I can just imagine a post-Purge murder mystery movie where a death is at first overlooked because it took place during the twelve hours, but then something seems off and it turns out the murder happened before the Purge hours. That'd be stupid and amazing at the same time.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Purge: Anarchy - Original Idea Done Better

    Good review, although you really could have trimmed down the "things people would actually do" list. Seriously, after the first five examples you could haves just said "etc, etc" but you just KEPT GOING ON AND ON.
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    Movie Defense Force: World War Z - Despite The Title, A Great Zombie Flick

    Good video, Jim. Up until now I've refused to see it specifically because of its tie to the book. However, if you really think it's a good movie on its own merits, then perhaps I'll check it out. I mean, I did love The Running Man movie, even though it had nothing at all to do with the book.
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    The Big Picture: Leave Michael Bay Alone

    I saw the first Transformers movie out of curiosity and thought it was crap. Then they kept coming out with more, and people kept going to see them. All I could think was "Why the hell are these movies popular?" Especially in a post-Avengers world, where you can have awesome explosions...
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    Collective Guilt and Beauty in Games

    Didn't you give Crysis a sort of pass because it was good to look at and the gameplay wasn't THAT bad? It was years ago, though.
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    Escape to the Movies: Godzilla - Breaking Kaiju There you go.