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    Trademarks and Logos Pop Up for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon

    If this turns out to be true, I'm betting: - You will end up starting in a village. - Some old guy, probably related to you will ask your name and ask what gender you are. - You will be given a choice between three starter Pokemon. - You will travel to each town through the high grass...
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    The New Batman v Superman Trailer Has Wonder Woman and ... Humor?!!

    Do not watch the trailer if you intend to watch the movie... they spoil every plot point in the movie. If there's more plot points than they reveal in the trailer, this movie will be even worse than the first Synder Superman, and that's saying a lot.
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    Samurai Jack is coming in 2016

    Oh yeah, I forgot that the original voice actor for Aku isn't around anymore. That makes me a sad panda.
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    Samurai Jack is coming in 2016

    No kidding, Genndy Tartakovsky is coming back to make another season of Samurai Jack. Coming in 2016 on Adult Swim. My childhood just leaped for joy.
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    Agents of Cosplay: Jessica Nigri: Better Know A Cosplayer (at the bottom) Gabe goes over why the policy was instituted and what was going on. Just talked to one of my friends, he told me that there were plenty of people that were just as revealing as Nigri, and they didn't get kicked...
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    Agents of Cosplay: Jessica Nigri: Better Know A Cosplayer

    I can tell you, that the "Fire Hazard" is the biggest problem that you can run into running a convention. See, the Fire Marshal understands and knows about these events months in advance. For example, Dragon*Con. The Fire Marshal has the right to shut a show down because of people blocking...
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    Agents of Cosplay: Jessica Nigri: Better Know A Cosplayer

    Factual Fixes: 1:06 Jessica Nigri was standing in a HALLWAY where a lot of other guests were, and, of course, Jessica's "fans" were blocking the way as they were taking pictures of her, basically causing a fire hazard. She was told to go to the booth she was assigned or change her clothes to...
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    Assassin's Creed Syndicate Review - A Tale of Brother-and-Sisterhood

    I'm watching the Metacritic Reviews to see how things go. Its looking like everyone is saying that the game is lifeless, and feels boring. I think the game is suffering from its yearly cycle. I'll take a substantive game I can enjoy every 3 years over an appeasement every 1 year. I...
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    All Call of Duty: Black Ops III Content Will be Unlocked at Launch

    Yeah, sadly, this sounds like a really...clickbait ploy. I don't understand why they used the "Netflix" analogy. See, with Netflix, and their "unlocking the entire season from Day 1" is a big thing because right now, you can't consume the entire season from Day 1 on TV. You have to wait for 3-5...
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    Announcing The Escapist's New Mobile Site

    Tested this on my Xperia Z3. 1. At first glace, it has absolutely no vision. Homepage is just the Latest/Popular/Comments View, which is uninteresting in general. Not eye catching. 2. Menu is also another list. Again, no vision. You need five categories, and clicking them drills down into...
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    HBO Streaming finally launched...onto its face.

    Unfortunately, only available in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. >.< The US and the rest of Europe have been waiting for something like this, only to have to deal with additional restrictions. (sigh)
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    HBO Streaming finally launched...onto its face.

    They called it HBO NOW. Unfortunately, you have to buy it through Apple, or through Optimum Cable provider (you have to have Optimum Cable Service to buy it). So, if you thought you would be able to just do a Netflix-esque subscription thing, heh, nope. No streaming to your Smart TV. No...
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    Sponsored: Paul Blart Returns in New Fast and Furious Spoof Trailer

    If this is going to be a thing...can we please filter this out if we are a Pub Club member?
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    The New "WoW Token" Lets You Buy Gold With Cash, Game Time With Gold

    Umm... I read your entire thing trying to defend Blizzard, but I think you failed to read my post and instantly said, "Oh, this guy is attacking Blizzard, a company that I will hold the line against all nay-sayers." A. I wasn't completely saying that Blizzard has lost it. Hearthstone was an...
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    The New "WoW Token" Lets You Buy Gold With Cash, Game Time With Gold

    That is true, but, you would think, that if they are controlling the cost per server, they could totally skew the market. I mean, the thing is that the Markets that I saw in World of Warcraft over a period of years didn't violate more than 10% +/-, except when a new expansion/content...