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    What are "African-Americans" called in your country?

    I live in Virginia as well and can confirm this statement . . . "black" is the most common term for this region. Due to the diversity of this region, sometimes distinctions are made as well based on how they act/appear, in which case it's either "black" or "brutha/sistah."
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    Why do we put up with trolls and assholes? (PSN, XBL, and Online gaming in general)

    Yeah, but in some cases it can be a PITA for admins to keep up on it, especially if said player keeps changing their tag - IP addys aren't 100% reliable to go by, especially for the PC community. Reverse-trolling is really the only tactic I've found that works, and it can be even more...
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    Why do we put up with trolls and assholes? (PSN, XBL, and Online gaming in general)

    TBH, I've found the only good way to deal with trolls is to essentially troll them . . . that's not saying feed them (by reacting to their antics), nor ignore them, but instead push their buttons casually. Without resorting to screaming, yelling, threatening (even to get a mod involved)...
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    Rumor: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Canceled, GSC Game World Closed - UPDATED

    Not sure how much I believe that . . . RUS is GSC's primary market, and the PC is to that matket what consoles are to the US. It's actually more viable to develop PC only there, and not even worry about the consoles. I think there might be a little more goin on between GSC and their...
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    Skyrim spawns a meme.

    GET OUT OF HERE STALKER! . . . or take an arrow to the knee.
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    Google's Chrome Browser Used More Than Firefox

    Agreed, and agreed. I still use IE by my own free will, have been for years . . . I've never been much impressed with FF, Opera, safari or Chrome. But, I've never understood the amount of crap thrown about regarding IE. I keep hearing this BS that it's the most unsecure browser and such...
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    Please, Recommend Some Metal!

    These boys kick some serious ass, and put on a damn good show, too: . . . and prepare for more industrial metal:
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    Wow... My eyes have truly been opened about Gamestop...

    Wow . . . I guess it's all the differences between states . . . here in VA, all of those practices are not only legal, they're fairly common place. I guess that's from living in a "right to work" state. It boils down to: it's your right to work, not the employers - if you don't like the...
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    A glitch in MW3

    My favorite weapon has got to be the backburner . . . nothing like watching those campers scramble when they see you coming . . .
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    Venture into Brittania with Ultima VII

    Same here . . . I still fondly remember playing the Ultima series on C64; Age of Darkness, Revenge of the Enchantress, Exodus, Quest of the Avatar, Warriors of Destiny and False Prophet were so worn out, I had to routinely keep back-up copies around . . . . . . and thankfully that was back...
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    Valve's Gabe Newell Says Piracy Is a Service Problem

    Or, they devalue and cripple their software on one specific platform while claiming it's because piracy or some other such nonsense. It's one thing to turn your nose up at a specific market, all developers are within their right to do so, but to do so while passing it off with some lame-ass...
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    What are the problems with Steam?

    Steam is making money hadn over fist, and that profit is only growing on a monthly basis. I've not had any issues with their service, only some annoyances. Major titles can be a PITA to get downloaded and installed right around release date (at least for MAJOR titles they've been starting to...
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    Ubisoft Kills Ghost Recon: Future Soldier on PC

    Hey, Ubi . . . I'm gonna just go ahead and box up all my hard copies of games you've published and distributed over the years, and ship them to you. They're old enough that I couldn't collect much more than a nickel for selling them, and i don't have much use for them, either . . . there's also...
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    Poll: PC Gamers a question about how you get YOUR games.

    I used to buy only in-store . . . but seeing as how it's become harder and harder to do so (GameStops only have a tiny little PC section, and they only carry the most current AAA titles), I've turned to Steam. If it's absolutely necessary I have a hard copy for whatever reason, I usually...
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    Stop all the COD Hate

    Just to point out . . . in the hardcore PC gaming community, the amount of actual work that's gone into the most recent titles qualifies more as a "mod" more-so than a new installment. I mean, hell - you'd swear they've got script kiddies designing the games at this point. I'd bet damn good...