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    Router problems

    The Wi-Fi may have gone out on the router, especially if its over 6 years old. Its about time for a replacement. Advice is to save up for a decent router. Currently I have an ASUS Router running custom firmware and have almost no connectivity issues, so long as I reboot it every now and again.
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    What should have been done about WW?

    Keep it gone. It honestly gives more credibility to my concept that a lawless area and humans are actually incompatible, which will inevitably lead to one of two things: Either it implodes under the weight of terrible behavior, or the terrible behavior requires some form of law to be instituted...
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    Poll: Would you rather be lucky or smart?

    I'd rather be smart than lucky because I'd feel like I earned everything I would get, whereas being lucky would leave me feeling terrible that I'm enjoying the charmed life knowing there are folks out there who are getting shit on daily. Plus being smart with the chance to still have misfortune...
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    Good PC/Electronics Cleaner?

    Non-static wipes/towels, either a can of compressed air or a vacuum, but take care in low humidity environments as high pressure suction can create static discharge conditions. A light bristle brush, non-static, is good for clearing dust bunnies from various hard to reach areas so that you don't...
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    Jessica Jones Season 2

    I'd classify Kilgrave as more of a villain who (wrongly) believes he's the hero of his own story but has no moral compass that would ever allow him to become a real hero because of his selfish nature, though his back story is tragic. He never put the effort into overcoming the scars of his past...
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    Mad Max ?free? this month on PSN

    It had some great things about it, for one of the mountains of open-world games, its got a good atmosphere consistent with the series' tone, and isn't as boring as a desert wasteland could be in the wrong hands. It gets repetitive in parts, and that can be annoying, but overall its fun. Worth a...
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    Advice on how to solve a hypothetical situation

    Family is not necessarily limited to blood relation, but rather the people who'll have your back no matter what. Even if they might disagree with, or not understand things you do/like/etc. Family, real family, transcends prejudice.
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    Going to be starting Demon Souls soon.

    I always try to get my world tendency in 1-1 to unlock the gate near the starting point, so I can get the Executioner's gear. Granted its locked to female characters only, but its my favorite gear look and once you get the spawn pattern of the mobs before entering her tower down, you can...
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    "Why don't more games have this?!"

    GTA V on PC has that functionality. It even simulates it as a radio station.
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    Can someone explain the 'good' Bloodborne ending to me?

    I feel like the point of the lack of lore in the Soulsborne games, beyond of course the snippets here and there given in item texts and cryptic NPC dialogue, is to more or less player-insert storytelling, where the character you play has not much (if at all) memory of the world as it was, so all...
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    Safety on the road

    Knowing your car is good, but still better safe than sorry. I was brought up driving in Miami/South Florida, which while I can't attest to every other state, is one of the worst areas to drive in, possibly due to the high influx of tourism from all parts of the world and tourists seem to be...
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    Why do people claim FPS have bad Story?

    Well I'd agree with you except that their posts tend to be pretty much the same subject matter, including a lot of mistaking subjectivity for fact, and much of it being FPS-related while denigrating other genres. I mean there's discussion, and then there's beating a dead horse while dying on a...
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    Why do people claim FPS have bad Story?

    First, Deus Ex is more of a first person ARPG than an FPS. Second, Metro is an outlier in terms of story but whether or not the story is better than Witcher 3 is purely subjective so not really relevant to this discussion. Really though the reason most FPS titles are weak in story is due to...
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    Is 256gb enough onboard storage (SSD) on a laptop?

    From your replies I'm gonna say that having external storage is probably gonna be necessary. I don't know what kind of games you play nor the overall capabilities of Macs for gaming, but storage-wise newer games are usually upwards of 50gb a pop, with many being higher than that, unless we're...
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    How could Disney redeem itself from The Last Jedi?

    Y'know something funny, its quite possible Phasma will return again in IX, and she's been referenced internally as the Star Wars equivalent of Kenny from South Park. Truly speaking though the surrounding material that deals with her backstory and post-TFA/pre-TLJ escape from the garbage...